I have had five monumental kisses in my life.

The first kiss had been an escape. It was the first party of the college semester and it was massive. I'm talking massive. Nearly all of the school appeared except for those that wanted to study for exams months away. I was one of those people, but my friends had dragged me to this. I stood uncomfortably at the bar, holding a glass of something I wasn't familiar with. I leaned against the bar, watching my friends laugh and dance themselves into a frenzy. I was getting increasingly uncomfortable. I had noticed a shady looking boy-man watching me from over his drink. The whole night he had followed me around the party and I couldn't shake him.

I downed my drink, covering up a harsh cough as the drink burned its way down my throat. I turned my back on the creep and immediately ducked into a crowded hallway, hoping to lose him. I didn't. The kid relentlessly followed me, pushing people out of the way to get to me. I picked up my pace, heart pounding heavily in my chest. The blood roared in my ears. I was running blindly. I fled around the corner, knocking straight into a very firm chest. I stumbled, but firm hands gripped my arms.

"Whoa there, love," a thick voice chuckled and I tilted my head back to come face to face with the Eros of this century. He was drop-dead gorgeous. Storm gray eyes. Thick blond hair. And very familiar. Where had I seen him before? I heard a shout and I saw the creep apologize to some college kid he ran into. I turned frantically to the god in front of me.

"Save me," I pleaded, grabbing the front of his jacket. He glanced above me. His gaze hardened. Apparently the dots connected in his head because he cupped my cheek with one hand, dropping the other to my hip. He slanted his mouth over mine, enveloping me in a firm kiss. My gasp of shock was swallowed by his lips as he kissed me. Good god, I thought hopelessly, melting into him. His lips were soft, yet firm against mine. He commanded the kiss, drawing my tongue out to play. I couldn't help the tiny moan that slipped out as he pulled away. My knees nearly gave out. I blinked several times to regain full vision and I looked up at him. He was smirking.

"Well that was definitely a pleasant way to save a girl," he released my face and I was almost disappointed, but the hand fell to my waist as he held me against him.

"I, uh, thank you," I stammered and I forced myself to step back. I didn't need to be around him more than I had to. He could be worse than the creep.

"Do I get a name out of you?" He asked, placing his hands in the pockets of his jacket. His face was all smug and I wanted to be angry at him, but he had saved me. I could play coy with him. My friends had told me to be a little more free spirited.

"Maybe if I see you again," I patted his arm with a flirtatious smile before disappearing into the crowd. I brought my hands up to my lips which still tingled from the intensity upon which he kissed me.

The second kiss had been months later, just after we had been released for summer break. I hadn't forgotten the kiss from the party and it still haunted me in my dreams. Every time one of my boyfriends had kissed me that god appeared in my mind.

I finally figured out who he was. He was a transfer student from Russia. His parents were filthy rich and wanted to send their only heir away from the war in the west. I had only gotten this information because I had friends in high places and I was nosey.

Like every summer, it needed to be started off with a bang. For this party, only the 'elite' were invited. Somehow, I made it onto that list. I had become much more confident at parties now, that stunning kiss had awoken my inner siren.

I sat atop the counter, laughing at something some boy said. I went to hop off the counter when two hands dropped to either side of my hips. I looked up sharply, parting my lips to tell whoever it was to fuck off when I saw my savior. My eyes widened and my heartbeat started to go off the charts. His familiar smirk entranced me.

"Hello, love," he grinned at me, leaning towards me. I leaned back, propping my hands up behind me to keep myself from falling.

"Ah, Leo," his eyes widened a fraction at the sound of his name, but the smirk never left his lips, "what a surprise. May I get down?" He quirked a brow, moving an arm so I could hop down off the counter.

"Well, you happen to know my name. It's only fair if I know yours. I did happen to find you again," he added teasingly as I sauntered past him into the dimly lit hallway. The party throbbed in the living room only a few yards away from the kitchen. I could feel Leo's eyes on my back as I walked away. Good. Let him follow.

"I said maybe," I called over my shoulder with a laugh, "if you recall." I barely had the chance to enter the dark hall when a firm hand grabbed my wrist. My world spun on its axis as I got pressed against the wall. Heat bloomed in my lower body as his firm body pressed against mine. Gosh, he was so much taller than me. I looked up at him. His hair fell over his eyes as he stared down at me, hunger burning its way through his eyes.

"I do recall, but I also happen to remember the way you tasted and the way you felt," he growled, his breath hot against my face. I closed my eyes, letting out a shaky breath as the memory of his lips flooded my mind. No kiss had ever been that good. I brought my hands to his belt loops, securing his hips against mine.

"The name is Audrey," I breathed and he dropped his lips to mine, sealing my mouth to his with one earth shattering breath. A heartbeat passed and he brought his hand up to cup the back of my head, deepening the kiss with a skill only a master could have. I felt white hot jealousy burn through my core as the thought of him kissing another woman popped into my mind and I tugged on his bottom lip with my teeth in retaliation, eliciting a groan from him. That small sound sent heat straight to my core and I knew I was in for one hell of a night.

The third monumental kiss happened about a year later. That one night had turned into two nights which had turned into two weeks and that two months. Our heat only escalated from there. He was a complete animal in bed. Leo had stamina only men in stories boasted about having. I had the real deal.

While the heat in the bedroom was extreme, it did extend beyond the bedroom walls to our regular lives. We fought like enemies not lovers. Each argument was a screaming match and we both had nearly said hurtful things. My friends were concerned, but I blew it off as unresolved sexual tension.

The day of our one year anniversary, Leo said nothing to me about it. I simply brushed it off, dropping hints lovingly throughout the day, but he didn't pick it up. I'd had enough by the end of the day and I was spent.

"Leo," I turned to him. We were curled up in his dorm room. His roommate had rightly left as soon as I had entered declaring he had other places to be. My boyfriend didn't look up from his place against my neck, but his answering hum was good enough response for me.

"Leo, do you know what today is?" I asked, leaning away from him so I could look him in the face. His dark eyes narrowed in thought and anger flashed like a knife in my chest.

"May 28th?" He asked, running a hand through his hair. I pushed him away from me as I scrambled off the bed.

"No, you asshat, it's our one anniversary!" I snapped and his eyes widened a fraction. He looked momentarily surprised before relaxing. Fury shot through my veins like adrenaline.

"Oh, of course, happy-"

"Don't you fucking dare!" I shouted, "I gave you all day to do something about it and you've done nothing!" He sat up sharply.

"I didn't think I had to say anything!" He retorted sharply. His chest was very distracting and I turned away from him. I searched for a shirt and spotted one lying on the floor. I lunged for it.

"You didn't think- what?! Why the hell not?" I turned back to him, throwing him the shirt, "you're very distracting put that on."

"I'm not putting a shirt on. I happen to like being naked," he retorted childishly, "and I didn't think I had to do anything because I thought me being here with you would be enough. Gosh woman, don't you know that I love you?" He sighed in exasperation. I spun away from him about to scream once more but his last words stopped me. I turned on my heel, narrowing my eyes.

"What'd you say?" I asked slowly. It didn't really click. No guy had ever said those words and meant it. I needed to hear it again.

"I love you, Drey," he rolled his eyes, falling back against the pillows, "I thought you knew." He said it as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. My heart skipped a beat in my chest. I moved across the room to the bed. I slowly eased back onto the bed and straddled him.

"Say it again," I whispered, leaning over his body. His eyes opened slowly and our eyes connected. He cupped my face with a hand, licking his lips.

"I love you," he breathed and brought my lips to his. It was unlike any kiss we had shared before. There was no tugging passion that sent my heart soaring. No, this was gentle and delicate and loving. The kiss said everything he could never say aloud. It was more than a kiss. It was a promise.

The fourth kiss shattered that promise. It was several months later around Christmas that it occurred. I stood in that same dorm room, tears pouring down my face. My hands were knotted into the shirt that he had given me. I refused to believe that this was happening. I swallowed thickly, watching as he kept his back to me as he packed.

He had told his parents about me as soon as he told me he loved me. Of course, after he showed me how much he did. They had been less than happy he had chosen an American girl as his lover and declared he break it off with me. He'd refused and they had given him until Christmas to break it off or they would take drastic measures.

He had broken it off the day before Christmas. "You don't know what they'll do to me - to you - if I don't go," he said, "they'll hurt you." He said. I had screamed at him in rage and hurt, but it had fallen to deaf ears.

He had finished packing fully and he kept his back to me as he zipped up his suitcase


"Don't call me that," I hissed. He turned to face me and I was angry that tears pooled in his eyes.

"Look," he rolled his eyes at me, "you had to know this was going to end. You didn't think I would stay here for a girl did you?" He scoffed. Pain flared in my chest.

"Don't!" I spat, choking on my breath, "don't pretend like this is easy for you!" Finally he shattered.

"You know what? Fuck, yeah, this is hard, but there is nothing you can do about it! I have no fucking choice, Audrey!" He shouted and I surged forward, grabbing his face in my hands and sealing our lips together. I searched desperately for that promise from May. Our lips tasted of salt and I knew it wasn't just my tears but his, too. He held onto me, memorizing the feel of me before he broke the kiss with a ragged gasp. He took a step away from me and left, suitcase in tow. I collapsed, my heart shattering like glass.

The fifth and final monumental kiss came in the summer of my twenty-third year of life. Leo had been gone from my life for two years. It had been the hardest two years of my life and they had nearly broken me. But I persevered. I even stood in my wedding dress now. My eyes scanned my form in the mirror and I bit my lip in excitement. I had found my love again.

As my father gripped my hand, I turned my eyes to the altar and I remembered the young man I had meet at that party and the taste of his lips. I should have hated myself for thinking about him when the man I truly loved stood before me. I remembered the confident man that cornered me in the hallway and showed me the best time of my life. I remembered the time that same man told me he loved me for the first time. Each step closer I got to the altar, I remembered my fondest moments with him. I even remember when that man came back from his home country and told me he had deserted his parents and his heritage and had come to claim me.

"I love you," he had said and that same man said it to me now.

"I love you, Audrey," he murmured to me, brushing my hair from my cheek as he cupped my face. I felt the tears swell in my eyes as he brought his lips to mine and sealed the promise that I knew would last an eternity.