21- Disciplinary Action

Reeves sat in a chair facing Dr. Franklin's desk.

"As to why I summoned you here?" Dr. Franklin asked. "What you did a few days ago was... unethical." He paused. "Whenever you arrive in town, please, don't use the carriage."

"Why is that?" Reeves asked.

Dr. Franklin paused to wipe dirt off the skeleton hanging beside him. "It will arouse suspicion. Horse-drawn carriages aren't common nowadays."

"What can I use?"

Dr. Franklin handed him a set of keys. "You could ask to borrow one of our cars. Charlie has a nice pick-up truck you can use for supply runs."

Reeves slipped the keys into his pocket. "Thank you, sir."

"I'm letting you off with a warning. If you decide to go to Otherworld instead, then use the carriage to your heart's content."

Reeves got up and walked out of the office.

"So, what happened?" Fred asked.

"I can't use the carriage among humans." Reeves said.