As I pack up all your things

It's killing me inside

But I try hard not to show it

To salvage what's left of my pride

I pack your clothes, my favorite shirt

You wore when you were here

I try to push out the memories

To hold back every tear

As I put them in a box

A piece of us it dies

I can't believe it came as a shock

Shouldn't have been much of a surprise

It's not like this is the first time

But it looks like it's our last

I'm trying to find a way to let go

Of our long tragic past

You left me here to do this

As I have done it once before

Knowing every bit of it

For me would be torture

You say nothing but a thank you

Don't stop me or even try

All the time you spent here

It all was just a lie

If you could put me through this

Knowing what it would do to me

If you could ignore all the pain

Ignore my every plea

If you could ignore the trauma

Going through this again has done

The feelings you said you had for me

I doubt if you meant one

To watch someone you say you loved

Go through all this pain

When in the end of it all

It's only clothing you'll gain

You ask not just this of me

But for me to be your friend

When every hope and dream we had

You did just cause an end

How can I stand by

And watch you slip away

Say nothing while you love her

As it kills me slowly day by day

I know what you ask of me

And I'm trying very hard

To not tell you how my heart

You've left unfixable and scarred

I hold back the I miss you's

All the thoughts you don't wish to hear

You know that you leaving again

Was my biggest fear

You ask for me not to leave but stay

You say you want me in your life

Despite your only goal expressed

Is to fix things with your wife

Do you know how hard

That is for me to listen to

When not even a month ago

We were saying I love you

Do you realize what your asking

Do you know how much it stings

To be seen only as a friend to you

For you to ask for all your things

You think after all this time

I would have learned long ago

It's never me that you will choose

I'm the one you'll always let go

I should be furious with you

And in my mind sometimes I am

But my heart still loves you just as it did

Despite you not giving a damn

Despite the fact you chose her

My heart still thinks you care

It still thinks what we had

Was more than an affair

My mind and heart they argue

My mind knows your gone for good

Yet my heart refuses to give up hope

That comeback one day you could

And yet I think losing you

In total would be worse

Then to be your friend and censor my words

As if they were rehearsed

So i'll be here to catch you

If ever you may fall

I'll handle the pain it causes me

It's better than nothing after all