Crash Landing

Natashia Roberts was waiting impatiently for the red light to change when she saw the motorcycle passing through the intersection. Suddenly, from the other side of the road, a car came barreling through the red light.

"Wat..." Natashia screamed but it was pointless to react.

The motorcycle smashed into the car and Natashia watched in horror as the rider flew over the hood like a missile and was deposited onto a bed of grass in a median to her right.

"Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh My God! Natashia panicked as she felt her heart leap in her chest and her hands begin to shake.

It was a terrifying experience to witness the horrible accident unfolding right in front of her. She instinctively grabbed her cell and dialed 911 in a panic.

"Hello!" She bellowed when she heard the dispatcher's voice. "Accident on Route 36, Intersection of the Blue County Bridge! Send help! Hurry! A motorcyclist is down."

She watched as several eyewitness motorists ran to offer aid to the bike rider who lay motionless in the grass while a few others checked on the condition of the driver who had come to a skidding stop a few feet beyond Natashia's vehicle.

Natashia sat in her car trying to recover from her shock and fear. Should she leave the scene? Wait for the cops and give her eyewitness account? Check on the guy on the ground? She wasn't a nurse and she hated blood and gore but she was freaked out about the guy and she hoped he wasn't dead.

She heard the wails of sirens in the distance and that brought some relief. Let the professionals deal with the accident scene. Still, her father taught her never to leave the scene of an accident so she carefully got out of her car and cautiously walked toward the motorcyclist who had yet to move.

When Natashia got close enough to the rider, she saw that his helmet visor had been smashed off and he was lying on his back. His leather jacket was zipped up even though it was nearly 70 degrees and he had dungarees and boots on so maybe that helped protect him from the fall. But his eyes were closed, he wasn't moving, and she saw blood on the grass.

Then she squinted at the face of the accident victim and she put her hands to her mouth.

"Oh My God!" She wailed. "That's Zack Martinfield!"

Natashia was blurry on the rest of the details. A Police Officer took her statement and told her to move her car once he got her contact information. The woman who caused the accident was yelling at the officers, insisting it was the motorcyclist's fault and she had the right of way.

The paramedics and fire rescue arrived on the scene and attended to poor Zack Martinfield.

"Is he going to be okay?" Natashia asked one of the police officers.

"Don't know," the officer replied. "Doesn't look very good right now."

She felt horrible. She had gone to high school with Zack and they dated for a few months during junior year. She knew he liked her but she couldn't handle his crazy family and she broke it off and dated Nick Wheeler instead.

She didn't see much of Zack during their last year of high school and she lost track of him after graduation. And now he might have just died in front of her.

Natashia watched as the ambulance whizzed poor Zack Martinfield away. She stared at the smashed motorcycle lying on the side of the road, it's front wheel detached and lying another forty yards down the road.

She was supposed to meet her mother to make the final wedding floral arrangements but she realized she was too shook up to concentrate on that exercise. She called her mom and told her to decide what was best because she trusted her judgement and taste.

"Yes, Mom, I'm fine," Natashia insisted. "I just need to check on an old friend."

She put the phone away, climbed into her car, and drove to Blue County Medical Center.