She was indifferent
Indifferent to most things
However, while indifferent,

Some things gave her pause

In this case,
She was indifferent
Because she didn't care or

Because she couldn't make sense of either side
Either or both of the two

To her, both sides were too loud
And she didn't much care for loud things
On the other hand,

She was disconnected

She knew the implications
And she was aware of the things surrounding it
But she couldn't connect

That relevance to herself

She knew it was a conundrum
One that she'd counteract
In some ways or another

Of course, she stayed silent on the subject
Besides responding with the usual indifference

It was a conundrum about rights
That she knew but she was indifferent
And so responded indifferently

Not siding with either one

To her, both sides were too loud
A middle ground of sorts could be reached
But it's not like they'd listen

She was odd, certainly
But she was indifferent
Responding with "And…?"

If any one asked her stance,
She'd state plainly that she was indifferent
But not unaware

She'd state that she understood
And that she didn't really stand on either side
Because she thought them to be too loud

And rigid

To her, there were lesser evils
Necessary, lesser, or both
Things weren't that simple

It was either is, isn't, or somewhere in-between

She gave her view
Saying both sides are too loud
But she's never heard either mention

Solutions and counteractions or much thereof

She stated matter-of-factly
That there was little control either way
So, what could be done?

What would be done?

She stated she's heard either side
And she's concluded them to both be genuine
But, exactly, what were they striving for?

She stated that she'd
Much rather see reliable improvement
To meet the cries of both sides

Though, she didn't state how this could be done
Just that it could be done but neither side
Really considered it

She knew either side
And heard either side, along with
Considering their points

Though, she couldn't connect them to herself

Opting to stay as she was,
Disconnected and rather neutral
Neither for nor against

Replying with, "And….?"

And remaining indifferent.