A lot of times before

I'd wait and hope for you

To change your mind and leave another

To see what we had was true

Not this time darling

I've given the last chance

If you were to walk by today

I wouldn't even glance

Your words and your actions

They never did align

And to me in all honesty

A lie it does define

Your words despite my questions

Did not need to be shared

If they held no true meaning

And no actions would be declared

To call and say what I missed most

To simply take what you need

Despite a picture I may have sent

A line it did exceed

You take me for a fool I think

That you can have me at anytime

That you can say what I want to hear

And I'll turn and run on a dime

It's not a smart way to perceive me

You in this do underestimate

How much the things you've done this time

Have done nothing but irritate

You took my love for granted

I deserve so much more than that

I promise you I'll no longer be

Your pathetic doormat

I know there's a girl out there

That will see just how amazing I am

And not do anything to risk

Me not giving a damn

You can hate me if you'd like

If that helps you sleep at night

But it's not I that need feel guilty

But you who will one day be contrite

I gave you so many chances

Made all my feelings clear

But you refused to act on yours

Out of cowardness and fear

You want to fix something

You left without hesitation for me

I would have never played a part

If this I did foresee

You ruined every possibility

That one day there could be a chance

For I want someone that will not run

But together we will advance

This is the final time

I give in to your make believe

Because I realized I deserve better

And true love I can achieve

We were great in the moment

We've made memories I won't forget

But most of them after this

Are stained forever with regret

So don't think of me it's useless

I've made up my mind

To not look back at the past

But forever leave it behind