I didn't expect this

I thought I'd feel despair

I didn't know I'd feel relief

That your no longer there

The back and forth confusion

The just friends and yet more

The talking about your future

Then talking about us before

The crushing pain from rejection

To be uplifted by a hope

The noose around my neck getting tighter

Everytime you'd pull the rope

The weight of always wondering

Did I say the wrong thing

The joy of you saying something cute

To the just friends again sting

The confusion had me spinning

I couldn't see straight

A feeling of something healthy

I could not relate

I thought I'd be devastated

Instead all I feels relief

The weights been lifted from my heart

To no longer feel the grief

The grief of you asking me

To do what I knew I could not

To be nothing but a friend to you

I couldn't even bare the thought

But you asked in such a loving tone

Made me feel bad when I refused

Said you couldn't bare to let me go

My caring nature you abused

It feels good to not listen

How you love who you left for

Feels good I can choose now

All of that to completely ignore

Feels good to put it out there

Get everything off my chest

And know that me doing this

Truly is for the best

If there will be someone up tonight

Unable to sleep

It surely will not be me this time

The what ifs are now yours to keep

I have nothing to feel bad for

I lost nothing but a lie

You however lost something real

Run from that I'm sure you'll try

I'm happy that it's over

I can finally let go

And nothing to you

Do I feel I owe