You crossed the point

Of no return

My heart for you

No longer yearns

Is clear to me

I deserve more

Then someone who always

Walks out the door

Then someone who plays

So many games

Then someone who always

Her mother she blames

Then someone who lies

To cover their wrongs

Then someone who runs

From what their heart longs

From someone who always

Stabs the heart in my chest

But tells me the decision

Was for the best

Then someone who choses

To fix something so broken

Then honor the words

To me they had spoken

Then someone who calls

To get the love they desire

Because of only a picture

This act did transpire

Don't you think it should take

More than a picture of me

To turn you from your purpose

To such a degree

Then someone who leaves

All they've known far behind

From a lover and friendships

They've completely resigned

I deserve better than someone

Who would leave without warning

And not for a second

Show any sign of mourning

I deserve better than someone

Who would lie to my face

Then instantly move on

And so easily replace

I deserve better than someone

Who can't appreciate

The words I love you

And their true weight

I deserve better than someone

Who would break all my trust

Not a single action they took

Did they try to discuss

I deserve better than someone

When I walk away

Not a single word to stop me

Do they have to say

Infact they ask me

To state it out loud

That I'm walking away

As if I am proud

I deserve better than you

That's my point

Every expectation I had

You did disappoint