Why are you reading my poems still

Trying to check in on my mood

It's the same as before you'll see

Every thought of you I elude

If I start to think about you

I remember it wasn't me

Wasn't me that gave up on us

Wasn't me that did agree

Wasn't me that chose to leave

Or not fight for the love once real

Wasn't me who thought an end

Wasn't a big deal

It wasn't me that lied in the end

Wasn't me that did deceive

I was the one who tried to hold on

I was the one that tried to believe

I remind myself the reason

Your blocked on my phone

Remind myself your true colors

And how they were finally shown

Remind myself your no good for me

You set me back everytime I try

That all you've ever brought me

Are the tears from the eyes I cry

All the hope that you gave was false

The words that you said all a lie

That all talking to you will bring

Is another hard goodbye

Why are you looking at these right now

What do you hope to find

Another pathetic display

Of the love that I felt to remind

To remind you of what we once were

Before you broke us apart by choice

Do you hope to find some relief

From that fact you'll never again hear my voice

Never again hear me say Hi as I did

Or sweet dreams before you fall asleep

Never again hear me say what you mean to me

Does it make you want to weep

I was gone for 6 years last time

This time the plan is forever

Nothing left between us but some memories

All ties with you I did sever

I remind myself you gave no option

Didn't ask for a single reprieve

Didn't say anything to stop me

In fact you encouraged me to leave

I remind myself it may hurt now

But in the end it'll be but a bad dream

It'll be like it never happened

The lights closer then it may seem

I remind myself this was your fault

The blame, I take none this time round

You pulled the rug from underneath me

Left me lying there on the ground

I remind myself that I'm stronger

I've been through this all before

Soon nothing but a bad memory

Will you be anymore