It is no use to grumble and complain;

It's just as cheap and easy to rejoice;

When God sorts out the weather and sends rain -

Why, rain's my choice.
James Whitcomb Riley


Too bad a story can't tell itself. I could sit back and listen instead of getting a cramp in my hand writing it all down. I suppose there are benefits though to being the one to write the story; you are the one that gets to pick and choose what gets saved for posterity. Your side is the one that gets told.

They say the winner is the one that gets to write history. Maybe so but there are a heck of a lot of losers in this story and they all have someone they want to blame, from man to god to God. I guess that posterity will just have to wait and see who the winners turn out to be.

Those that blame their gods say it is just the nature of selfish beings. Or that it is fate or something equally as removed from reality as I understand it. They blame their gods because they don't want to take any responsibility for their lives, their personal choices. Everything happens to them for some unfathomable reason that they'll only understand once they get to the next plain of existence or something cosmic like that.

Those that blame God – the big G guy – cry out wondering how He could allow such things to happen. Don't know that I would personally go around shouting at God like that; or whining at him either for that matter. There's that little thing called Free Will that we were all blessed with at our Creation. With free will comes responsibility for a lot of what happens to us. What's been happening has caught a lot of people flat-footed and even though it started happening in slow motion people still didn't get on the ball. They continued to wait for the problem to just stop and go away on its own or for someone else to come help them. Lost a lot of people that way; some good, some not, most of them a combination of the two.

Those that blame man are much closer to the truth. You mess around with the natural environmental systems – the systems that God designed to work a certain way without man's interference – and you are looking at a mess full of trouble. And in a nutshell that is exactly what happened; the consequences of which we are still living with today.

It wasn't pollution or the failure to institute green energy or anything stupid like that. No, this was certain groups of people getting god-complexes – little g this time though they thought they were big G's – and wanting to rule the world. How much trouble? Try Biblical proportions though certainly not the ones that will eventually kick our rear ends if you believe in the Christian Bible and John's Revelation in particular. Nope, this mess isn't God's fault but the fault of some crazy scientists that were under the direction of even crazier, power hungry people that wanted to own and run the whole ball of wax – 'cause of course they could do it so much better than everyone else – without really having to go to war to get it.

The US got hit pretty bad and pretty hard but we weren't the only ones. The long term effects may be even harder for those countries that had a hand in attacking us; not because we hit them back so much as because when they started monkeying around with the ball of rubber bands they eventually caused it to snap back in their own faces.

In a real way God has stood up for those that have taken a beating in this new era in history. One of his natural laws took effect shortly after the first volley of the war though people were slow to realize it, particularly our enemies. There is no action without an equal and opposite reaction. Yeah, I know that is a scientific "truth" but God was the one that put science in motion so it is His truth when you get right down to brass tax.

Now instead of writing history as victors, they are struggling for survival as much as we are. And that's right where I need to start telling this particular story. Need to start it if I ever plan on finishing it and I've just had about all of it running around in my head unchecked as I care to.

Elizabella Kellen Heatherly