When I tell someone I love them

It means more to me then many

Out of all the things in my life

I'm saying I'd put you before any

I'm saying you have all of me

Every piece of my heart and soul

I willing surrender

Every piece of me as a whole

Im saying it's you I have chosen

To be dedicated too

I'm saying I see no other

That for me there is only you

I'm saying I will stand by you

I will not waiver or run in fear

I'm saying there isn't anything in the world

That couldn't keep me near

I'm saying I've got you

Through the thick and the thin I will stay

By your side through it all

No matter what comes our way

I'm saying I will be there

When your happy or sad or scared

Whatever emotion you throw at me

I will always stand by you unimpaired

I'm saying I'm there to catch you

If ever you may fall

And I'll be by your side every step of the way

I will answer any time you may call

Im saying I am making you a promise

To put your happiness before my own

To support you in all endeavors

My support will always be shown

I'm saying i'll always tell the truth

To you I will never lie

Having trust in me

You won't ever have to deny

Im saying I will always protect you

I'll stand in front of any bullet

I'll put my life on the line

Cause watch you be harmed, I couldn't

If I tell you I love you

A promise I'm making you

That you mean everything to me

And forever I'll be true