I won't look back this time

I will leave it all behind

If I try to take a glance

Myself I must remind

She didn't love you as she said

She didn't treat you right

It didn't matter to her

How hard you tried to fight

It didn't matter that she broke you

Didn't matter she left you to drown

Didn't matter that she lifted you so high

To let you fall so far down

She only plays with your emotions

She means not a single word

All of it was a lie

Your reality she blurred

Don't forget the anguish she caused

The torture she put you through

All in the same moments

Saying "but I truly do love you"

Don't forget she turned her back

Walked out and left you with the mess

Don't forget compared to others

She thinks of you less

See past all her deception

For you discovered what's real

She's incapable of forming connections

It's not possible for her to feel

Don't give in to the overdone makeup

See through the elaborate facade

Inside she is broken, you can't fix her

The life she portrays is a fraud

She will bring you nothing but misery

She won't give you what you need

She'll stab you through the heart once again

And leave you on the floor to bleed

Remember she proved to you

That she honestly doesn't care

If she did she wouldn't say she loves you

Same time saying she's happy there

Remember the way it ended

Not a plea nor a beg to remain

She let you walk away without any fight

Only her things did she want to obtain

If she pops up one day out of nowhere

Ignore her as if not so

If you don't the way it will play out

The ending you already know

So stay away from the illusion

That she will ever change

If you ever think any different

Your happiness for heartbreak you'll exchange