She curled up
It was a baby thing
She did

Mimicking things around her
Without knowing what it was
Nor its context

She saw her
Mother curl up into
A tight ball

To her, her mother
Was hiding and, so, she
Should hide, too

Though, she didn't see or know
What her mother hid from

She was a baby
And she didn't know
That her mother

Had an illness
Not the kind that affects the body
One of the mind

So, that's why she hid
Curling up tightly
To weather her deleriums

The baby didn't know that
So, she curled up, too
Copying what her mother did

Thinking she was hiding
So, if she had seen her mother curled up,
She'd opt to curl up

Hiding, too

It was a baby thing
To copy things and people around her
Her mother's actions were no exception

The baby wouldn't know that
Of course.

So, she curled
Like her mother did
Thinking she was hiding