To the one I call mom:

You're the only parent

I have a good relationship with

At this point in my life.

You're more sensitive to my feelings

Than my own father ever will be.

You actually know what it's like

To have depression

To be hurt

To feel down

And to feel

So oppressed and angry

You've been through hell

With men and guess what?

So have I but, that's a secret

You don't yet know at this point.

I can talk to you about things

But, I still am a hermit when it

Comes to opening up

About my life.

I often feel alone when

It come to depression

But, you know how it

Goes so I'm not alone

For sure in this department.

Maybe, one day, things will


I get protective when people

Try to control your life.

I get defensive when people

Say awful things about you

Cause I know you're the opposite

Of what these people say about you.

You don't let these people

Define you or your worth and

Value or your life.

You do you and I'll do me just like you always taught me to do!