From the bottom of my withered heart,

I love you until the end of time.

I'll never hurt you the way I was

Hurt in the past.

I never wish to mimic the pain

I went through

As I could never imagine

Hurting you the way.

I've inflicted pain on myself

To kill the pain of being

Mistreated and ambushed

But, I never wish to inflict pain on you.

Every time I'm reminded of a former

Flame who once burnt me,

I always break down into


It hurts being reminded of

Someone that once mistreated me

Falsely accused me of shit

And broke me down.

I've been hurt so much

But, I never wish to take my

Pain and frustration out

On you.

My abusive ex made me feel

Empty inside

But, you made me

Feel whole like nobody else.