Bird in the Hand

He says to her,

Girl, why don't you come home with me?

Girl, what you got to lose?

She has a cotton frock and a daisy chain,

He took his blue eyes from an angel but his mind from somewhere else

He says,

Girl, you haven't got a boy-friend?

What are you, twenty-two?

What are you waiting for?

Come and have some fun

She sits there so meek in the front seat of the car,

Quite the little lady,

Ankles together, folded hands,

Listens to him talk,

The bird in the hand

I bought you that drink, didn't I?

There were lots of girls at that bar, but none as pretty as you,

What's the matter? Did your mummy tell you not to talk to men like me?

The car winds down the country lane,

The setting sun's pink light glows on her cheeks,

So romantic,

She doesn't say a word

What more are you hoping for?

Who do you think will pick you?

I don't see what your problem is,

I've been so nice, so polite,

You're just like all the girls,

You don't understand me,

Nobody understands me…

So what about it, darling?

A quickie in the back seat,

Or waiting for Prince Charming,

Who might never come along?

The engine idles on the verge in the sun-set,

He turns the radio up,

As the bird in the hand walks away