Isbanir Nights

Chapter 1: Isbanir Nights Show

On our planet known as Middleworld, there are islands, palaces, cities, mountains, and a huge sea. Mazandaran is a grassy region to the west. East of Mazandaran is the desert region of Turan. The Kingdom of Hamavaran is located in Turan. Hamavaran has yurts and Khorasani style buildings. Mount Qaf is located in the Turan region, it has many beautiful flowers and edible plants. Akhet is a city with Ancient Egyptian architecture and Coptic architecture, and it's located north of Mount Qaf. In the Mazandaran region, there is a mountain called Hara Berezaiti. Hara Berezaiti has a lot of plants grown by residents living on that mountain. Aaru is a city located south of Hara Berazaiti. Aaru's architecture is Ancient Egyptian and Coptic. Neter-khertet is a city located west of Aaru. Neter-khertet's architecture is the same as Aaru's architecture. In the Mazandaran region, there is a city built by nomads known as Ötüken. Ötüken has huge skyscrapers, and yurts are found in many places. Land of Manu is found west of Akhet, it has Ancient Egyptian architecture and Coptic architecture. Duat is an abandoned city north of Mount Qaf. The city's architecture still has recognizable pyramids. Sarandib is an island city close to the Mazandaran region. Sarandib's buildings are built in Mughal architecture and Parthian architecture. A huge continent known as Ikhtiyan al-Khatan has a huge pyramid and an abandoned city known as Adiliyah. Adiliyah has buildings built in Ancient Egyptian architecture. Hufaidh is an island city that is built in the style of Abbasid architecture and Mamluk architecture. In the middle of the regions of Mazandaran and Turan there is a palace known as the Alcaraz Palace. The Alcaraz Palace looks very similar to the Taj Mahal. To get to Alcaraz Palace, creatures need to walk through the bridge known as the Chinvat Bridge. Isbanir is a huge city that covers up most of the regions of Mazandaran and Turan, and it is separated into eight neighborhoods. Northern Isbanir is located north and in between the regions of Mazandaran and Turan. Northern Isbanir's buildings are built in the Khorasani style. Northeastern Isbanir is in the region of Turan and the buildings are built in the Ottoman architecture. Eastern Isbanir is located in the region of Turan, and it is built in the Umayyad architecture. Southeastern Isbanir is located in the Turan region and it is built in the Parthian style. Southern Isbanir is located between the regions of Mazandaran and Turan and it is built in the Abbasid architecture. Southwestern Isbanir is in the region of Mazandaran and it is built in the Isfahani style. Western Isbanir is in the region of Mazandaran and it's built in modern architecture. Western Isbanir is known for its huge skyscrapers. Northwestern Isbanir is located in Mazandaran and it is built in the Achaemenid architecture. Benben is a statue of a dragon located in the middle of Isbanir, facing behind the entrance of the Chinvat Bridge. On another continent, there is an island city known as Atlantis. Atlantis is technologically advanced and has huge skyscrapers similar to Western Isbanir. Kumari Kandam and Lemuria are cities that border each other, south of Atlantis. Kumari Kandam and Lemuria have architecture similar to the Vijayanagara architecture. The residents of Lemuria are known as Lemurians and the language of Lemuria is known as the Lemurian language. Meropis is an island with three cities. The cities in Meropis are Anostos - a city that is covered with red clouds and fog, Eusebes - a city where people have plenty of food and medicine, and Machimos - a heavily guarded city. The language of Meropis is Méropes. Méropes has three dialects named after the three cities: Eusebes Méropes, Machimos Méropes, and Anostos Méropes. The Méropes language is the only language to have a written script. To the west of Lemuria and Kumari Kandam there is a country known as Mu. Mu has architecture similar to Ancient Egyptian and Coptic architecture. In the Northern Hemisphere of Middleworld, there is a country known as Hyperborea. Hyperborea is a snowy country built in Byzantine architecture. The residents that live in Hyperborea are known as Hyperboreans and the official language of Hyperborea is Hyperborean. In the Southern Hemisphere of Middleworld, there is a large tropical country known as Terra Australis. Terra Australis is built in a Samoan architecture and Hawaiian architecture. The capital city of Terra Australis is Patalis. Middleworld's sea is known as Vourukasha. My name is Shahrokhi Mozhdeh and I was with Abulafia Shira, Oshakan Zaruhi, Bolkvadze Gurandukht, Benyamina Mazin, and Ahuja Khorshid in the middle of Isbanir looking at the Benben statue.

I asked, "Why would you want to do something terrifying, or even evil?..."

I'm a female jackal with blue fur, wearing a middle gray kaftan, a jungle green şalvar, and a ghost white tantour. Shira is an anthropomorphic female wolf with red fur who has the ability to turn into a deanthropomorphic wolf. In her anthropomorphic form, she wears a blue-gray kaftan and a carmine red şalvar. Zaruhi is a female gargoyle with gray fur, and has an appearance similar to a European dragon. She wears a cyan arkhalig. Gurandukht is a female Vampire with the appearance of a jackal and has Gainsboro gray fur. She wears a medium purple arkhalig. Mazin is a male mongoose with purple pizzazz fur. He wears a Charleston green dolman and a cadet gray şalvar. Khorshid is a male lion with Charleston green fur and midnight blue mane. He wears a phthalo green shalwar and a vermilion kameez.

Zaruhi said, "They say that Gargoyles destroy cities by shooting out fire. I shoot out fire to attack evil."

Gurandukht said, "I'd rather use my abilities to destroy evil. I don't drink blood, I'm a vegan."

Shira said, "They say that werewolves, like me, murder innocent creatures when there is a full moon. The truth is that werewolves can't turn into a deanthropomorphic wolf until a new moon is around in the day or the night. I only hurt evil to protect good."

Zaruhi said, "It's a good thing that we talked about this...The crowd is watching us right now...We should get back to our homes."

All of us split up. The crowd started to clap while we were leaving. Mazin and Khorshid split up from us, but the two stayed together while Shira, Zaruhi, and Gurandukht also stayed together. I walked all by myself to my mansion in Southwestern Isbanir. Mazin and Khorshid both lived together in a mansion in Northeastern Isbanir. Shira, Zaruhi, and Gurandukht all lived in an apartment in Western Isbanir. In Southwestern Isbanir, I was looking around my mansion and noticed that my home was in dull colors.

I said, "I guess I have to paint up this place and clean up the fabrics!...Every week, it starts to look like what creatures would consider a haunted mansion."

I grabbed a container and attached a brush to the container. I started to air brush the walls of my mansion. Meanwhile, Mazin was repainting the walls of the mansion while Khorshid was removing the dust from the fabric of sofas and floors.

Khorshid said, "I wonder how Shira and her friends are doing in their apartment."

Mazin said, "They always refuse to get mobile phones and tablets like how Mozhdeh and both have."

Meanwhile, in Shira's apartment, Zaruhi and Gurandukht were lighting candles and they sat down on the floor. Shira closed the curtains to cover up the high-rise buildings of their neighborhood. The curtain had a picture of an ancient Sasanian city.

Shira said, "Perfect!...Everything has to be like the early days of Middleworld. No mobile phones, no tablets, no video games, no electricity."

Gurandukht asked, "Why do we live in Western Isbanir, if the architecture is so modern compared to the rest of Isbanir?"

Shira said, "It's not illegal to decide what kind of homes we can live in."

Zaruhi said, "She does have a point."

Gurandukht said, "You just make fun of creatures who own mobile phones, tablets, or someone who is playing on a video game console."

Shira said, "Creatures with that technology are lame. I find this stuff in our apartment awesome."

Zaruhi said, "Let me see what is one of the problems with this apartment."

Zaruhi got up and looked around the kitchen. She saw a stove, an oven, a refrigerator, and a microwave.

"We still have a stove, an oven, refrigerator, and a microwave."

Shira asked, "Remember that we refused to pay for those to work in our apartment? It's cheaper that way."

Zaruhi said, "Oh!"

Zaruhi walked up to Gurandukht and sat next to her. Shira took out a book and sat next to Zaruhi and Gurandukht.

Shira said, "Ok!...Time to play Undeads and Werewolves."

Shira opened the book.

Zaruhi said, "I will be the Jiangshi."

Gurandukht said, "And I will be the Werewolf."

Shira said, "Ok! Here's the introduction...In the world of Midgard, there is a peaceful quiet town known as Valhalla. Valhalla is populated with werewolves, poltergeists, jiangshis, rukhs, ghouls, ifrits, and genies."

Zaruhi said, "I think Valhalla is located on planet Asgard, not Midgard."

Shira looked at the book.

She said, "Oh!...You're right Zaruhi, it is Asgard not Midgard."

Meanwhile, in Southwestern Isbanir, my mansion was decorated with colorful geometric shapes and the fabrics were looking new.

I said, "Who the heck is going to say that this mansion is haunted now? I should see what Khorshid and Mazin's mansion look like."

I left my mansion and went to Northeastern Isbanir. The sun was setting when I got there. I pressed the buzzer on the mansion's gate.

Mazin said, "Hey Mozhdeh!"

I said, "Hello, Mazin...Is it alright if I take a look at the inside of your mansion?"

Mazin said, "Go ahead!...I guess that you fixed up your mansion?"

I said, "Yes!"

The gate opened up. Khorshid opened the door and I went inside of the mansion.

"Wow!...You really fixed up the place!"

Khorshid said, "Both us worked together on it."

I said, "Well...I should get back to Southwestern Isbanir."

Khorshid said, "It's getting dark, you should stay with us."

I said, "I'll stay here!"

Mazin, Khorshid, and I went into a room and went to sleep for the night. In Western Isbanir, Shira, Gurandukht, and Zaruhi were putting their stuff away. They laid down on their beds and went to sleep. Meanwhile, the group's next door neighbor was talking about their next door neighbor. Two of the neighbors living in the apartment were Egyptian Mau cats. The cats have Gray-green fur, but with spots and stripes in the color of Charleston green. One cat wore a bedlah costume - a bikini top, haram pants, and a skirt in the color of turquoise, while the other cat wore only two white shendyts that wrapped around his waist and upper chest.

The cat wearing the bedlah costume said, "Shenouda!"

Shenouda asked, "What is it, Ankhesenpepi?"

Ankhesenpepi said, "Now is the time that we, Zografos siblings, spread the fear of werewolves all over Isbanir. We will grab Shira, hold her from the balcony, and drop her after she turns into a four legged canine!"

Shenouda said, "I like that idea, sister!"

Around sunrise, Shira, Gurandukht, and Zaruhi got up.

Shira said, "Looks like Mozhdeh is coming to take us to our show."

Shira, Zaruhi, and Gurandukht left their apartment and went inside of my luxury vehicle.

I said, "I stayed in Khorshid's mansion in Northeastern Isbanir last night."

I drove from away from Western Isbanir.

Mazin asked, "You three have a show of your own?"

Gurandukht said, "Yes!"

Khorshid asked, "What's the name of the show?"

Shira said, "The name of the show is Isbanir Nights...It's a game show where four creatures compete in various challenges. The show is aimed at children, so we banned swearing, nudity, and violence."

I said, "That sounds interesting."

Zaruhi said, "The building will have a sign that says Isbanir Nights."

I asked, "Where is your studio?"

Shira said, "We have a headquarter for each of the events that we do in every region of the city...The current event is going to take place in Southern Isbanir."

I drove to Southern Isbanir and parked near the building. We went inside the building, went in the elevator, and went to the highest floor, which was the fifth floor. We went inside of a room where there was a rectangular table and a few chairs. All of us sat down.

Khorshid said, "The creatures that we will be interviewing for the first competiton will be Ali Baba the Jackal, Ghoul, Aladdin the Jackal, Shahrokh, Sindbad the Saluki, Jinni, Ifrit, and Falak."

Shira went out of the room, and saw that there were some chairs, with eight creatures sitting down,

Shira said, "Aladdin, Ali Baba, and Sindbad!"

Aladdin, Ali Baba, and Sindbad got up and went inside the room. Aladdin sat in front of Zaruhi, Ali Baba sat in front of Gurandukht, and Sindbad sat in front of me. Aladdin has Carmine red fur, and he wears a mint green deel with an amber Bereket motif on the right top of his deel. Ali Baba has light blue fur, and he wears a black bisht. Sindbad has Imperial red fur, he wears a dartmouth green shalwar and a pine green kameez.

Zaruhi said, "Good morning, my name is Oshakan Zaruhi."

Aladdin said, "Hello!...My name is Aladdin."

Zaruhi asked, "What brings you here to join a competition of Isbanir Nights Show?"

Aladdin said, "I came from Ötüken, and I work on making oil lamps for Jinn. My friends are Genies."

Zaruhi asked, "Are you friends with Jinni, Ghoul, and Ifrit?"

Aladdin said, "I don't know too much about Ifrit, other than the fact that she can shoot out fire. I know Jinni and Ghoul very well, all of us hang out together."

Gurandukht asked, "What about you, Sindbad?"

Sindbad said, "I used to be a sailor, and sailed around Vourukasha...I saw places like Hufaidh and Kumari Kandam."

Gurandukht said, "That's cool!"

Sindbad said, "I once stopped a group of pirates known as Bawarij in Kumari Kandam. They were going to kill a Roc's son. The Roc gave her son to me and I named him Shahrokh."

Gurandukht said, "And he is currently waiting in the hallway, right?"

Sindbad said, "Yes! If you saw a large bird, that was Shahrokh. I currently own a business composing music for shows."

Shira said, "Tell me about yourself, Ali Baba."

Ali Baba said, "I recently rescued an enslaved dragon named Marjanah from my evil brother, Cassim. I work as a lumberjack for a living."

I said, "It's good to hear that you're helping Marjanah."

Ali Baba said, "I also know a few magical phrases that could help you later."

Aladdin said, "I would like to hear them!"

Everyone got close to Ali Baba.

Ali Baba whispered, "Open Sesame is a phrase to open doors and gates from labyrinths. Ajji Majji la Tarajji is a phrase to transform into a deanthropomorphic wolf when the moon is invisible during the day or the night."

Shira said, "Hey! I can use that if I need to."

I said, "Ok! Tell your allies, Jinni, Ghoul, Ifrit, and Shahrokh, that we're about to start the show in the next couple of hours."

Ali Baba, Aladdin, and Sindbad said, "Ok!"

Everyone left the room.

I said, "I'm going to get the oil lamps from a closet."

I walked away. Meanwhile, in Alcaraz Palace, there was a desi dog with Charleston green fur and ghost white fur. The desi dog wore a bright green shalwar, an Egyptian blue kameez, and a crimson red dupatta. There was a hare with gray-green fur. The hare wore a maximum yellow chapan and a dark blue shalwar.

The desi dog said, "Hazinedar Garayev Ruslan, check and see if the gold is safe."

Hazinedar Garayev Ruslan said, "I will do that, Sultana Akmal Azhar."

Hazinedar Garayev Ruslan walked away. There were some noises that sounded like someone being shot four times. Next thing that happened was that the door to the palace opened up. Ankhesenpepi and Shenouda came inside the palace and walked up to Sultana Akmal Azhar.

Ankhesenpepi said, "Surrender or die!"

Sultana Akmal Azhar said, "I'd rather execute you for breaking into the palace than give up the palace to both of you!"

Ankhesenpepi said, "Shenouda!...Take out your rifle and I'll take out my Khopesh."

Shenouda said, "I understand, Ankhesenpepi!"

Ankhesenpepi and Shenouda took out their weapons. Shenouda shot Sultana Akmal Azhar, and Ankhesenpepi stabbed the same creature.

Sultana Akmal Azhar said, "RUSLAN!"

Hazinedar Garayev Ruslan came back.

He said, "I checked the safe-...OH MY BAI BAIANAI!"

Hazinedar Garayev Ruslan took out his shamshir and stabbed both Ankhesenpepi and Shenouda. Ankhesenpepi and Shenouda fell down.

Sultana Akmal Azhar said, "Take me to a different room! Warn all the sultans, kings, queens, princes, princesses, viziers, and sages."

Hazinedar Garayev Ruslan said, "I will do that!"

Hazinedar Garayev Ruslan picked up Sultana Akmal Azhar, and he ran to a different room. The door closed very quickly. Meanwhile, in Southern Isbanir, Shira, Zaruhi, Gurandukht, Mazin, and Khorshid were each sitting on a chair, and were using the cameras. I was behind the stage's curtain with Ali Baba, Sindbad, Aladdin, Ghoul, Ifrit, Jinni, Shahrokh, and Falak.

I said, "Ok!...We're about to start the show...Are you ready?"

Sindbad said, "All of us are!"

I took out my mobile phone.

I asked, "Khorshid!...Are the camera crew ready?"

Khorshid asked, "Hey! Are you ready to start recording live?"

Shira said, "Yes!"

Zaruhi said, "I am ready!"

Gurandukht said, "Ready to film!"

Mazin said, "Now I'm ready!"

Shira, Zaruhi, Gurandukht, Mazin, and Khorshid started to film the stage.

Someone said, "Welcome to Isbanir Nights!...Here's your host!...Shahrokhi Mozhdeh!"

The audience started to clap and cheer as I ran on the stage. The lights from the stage came on. Sindbad, Aladdin, Jinni, and Ghoul were standing behind tables. Jinni was wearing a deel while Ghoul was wearing a kaftan.

I said, "Good evening, and welcome to Isbanir Nights! I'm your host Shahrokhi Mozhdeh! Here are the competitors!"

Sindbad said, "Hello!...I'm Sindbad, and this is my friend, Aladdin!"

Aladdin said, "Hey everyone!...Having a great night?"

The audience clapped and cheered.

Jinni said, "Hi! I'm Jinni, and this is Ghoul!"

Ghoul said, "Hello...Good evening!"

I said, "Tonight's game that the competitors will be playing is...Trap a Genie!"

The audience clapped and cheered.

"Here are the rules: There will be two teams, Competitors A and competitors B. Competitors A will be Sindbad and Aladdin while competitors B will be Jinni and Ghoul. Competitors A have to chase a Genie and try to trap it in a magic lamp while competitors B need to run away and avoid getting trapped by the Genie catchers."

I gave Sindbad and Aladdin the magic lamps.

I continued, "See that fake grass?...I want the teams to separate with each other on each side of the edge of the grass."

Aladdin and Sindbad went to the left side of the end of the fake grass while Jinni and Ghoul went to the right side.

"You only have 4 minutes...READY!...GO!"

Aladdin and Sindbad ran after Jinni and Ghoul. Sindbad trapped Ghoul inside of his oil lamp. Ghoul struggled her way to escape, and freed herself. Aladdin kept on chasing Jinni. Jinni flew over Aladdin and Sindbad. Aladdin trapped Jinni in his oil lamp. Jinni struggled her way to escape, and freed herself. Sindbad chased after Jinni and Aladdin chased after Ghoul. Aladdin trapped Ghoul, and Sindbad trapped Jinni. Jinni quickly freed herself and Ghoul did the same thing. Aladdin and Sindbad continued to chase after Jinni and Ghoul. Aladdin trapped Jinni and Jinni freed herself. Sindbad captured Jinni and Ghoul in the same oil lamp. Jinni and Ghoul quickly freed themselves. Aladdin ran after Jinni and captured her. Sindbad captured Ghoul.

I said, "TIME'S UP!"

The competitors stopped moving.

"Let's see the results!...The winner is!...Aladdin and Sindbad!"

The audience went wild. They started to chant: "Aladdin and Sindbad!"

I said, "My name is Shahrokhi Mozhdeh, and we'll see you later!"

Mazin said, "And we're out!"

The cameras that Shira, Zaruhi, Gurandukht, Mazin, and Khorshid were using to film live were turned off immediately after the show was over. Aladdin, Sindbad, Jinni, Ghoul, and I showed up.

I said, "You did really well!"

Jinni said, "We tried our best, Ghoul."

Ghoul said, "I understand, Jinni!"

All of us went outside. There were a few creatures standing in front of the entrance of the building.

They said, "Oh look!...It's Aladdin and Sindbad!"

They screamed like fanatics and ran away.

Mazin said, "Son of a bitch!"

Aladdin said, "Sindbad and I are celebrities, that's why creatures like us!"

Zaruhi asked, "Which of you two is more popular?"

Sindbad said, "Aladdin is the number one popular celebrity, and I'm only number two."

I said, "I'm going to need to drop my allies off to their mansion and apartment."

Aladdin said, "We'll see you later!"

Everyone went inside of my luxury vehicle, and I drove from Southern Isbanir to Northeastern Isbanir.

Mazin said, "You guys have a good night!"

Khorshid said, "Be safe!"

I said, "Both of you be safe, tonight!"

Mazin and Khorshid got out of my luxury vehicle and went inside of their mansion. I drove from Southern Isbanir to Western Isbanir. Shira, Zaruhi, and Gurandukht got out of my luxury vehicle and went inside of the apartment complex. I drove from Western Isbanir to Southwestern Isbanir. I went inside of my mansion and went to sleep for the night. A few hours later, in Western Isbanir, Shira heard a noise while her allies were in their room.

Shira said, "Zaruhi!...Gurandukht!...Wake up!"

Zaruhi and Gurandukht got up.

"Did you hear something from the main room?"

Someone said, "Look Shenouda!"

Shira whispered, "Follow me!"

Zaruhi and Gurandukht followed Shira to the main room. They saw Ankhesenpepi and Shenouda searching around the main room. Ankhesenpepi and Shenouda stared at the three legendary creatures.

Ankhesenpepi said, "Well, well, well!...If it isn't our neighbor."

Shira said, "You two broke into our home!...I want answers, now, or we will report you both to the Alcaraz Palace!"

Shenouda said, "Looks like the government in Alcaraz Palace won't be able to help you, since Ankhesenpepi and I injured the Sultana of Isbanir, and she might not be able to live."

Three of the creatures gasped. Shira started to become so stressed out that her blood vessels started to turn dark green.

Shira said, "How dare you attack the Sultana!"

Zaruhi said, "Shira!...Calm down, you're about to transform from wolf form to werewolf form."

Gurandukht said, "I think the new moon just started! Look at Shira's blood vessels!"

Shenouda took out his gun and shot both Gurandukht and Zaruhi. Shira got furious and bit Shenouda.

Shenouda asked, "Is she...Slowly shapeshifting?"

Shira's paws started to appear very similar to a wolf's paws.

Ankhesenpepi said, "She's turning into a monster!"

Ankhesenpepi took Shira from Shenouda and threw her out of the window.

Zaruhi said, "YOU BITCH!"

Zaruhi and Gurandukht ran out of the apartment complex and met Shira. Shira was in her werewolf form.

Gurandukht said, "She's unconscious! We need to wake her up."

Zaruhi and Gurandukht shook Shira. Shira got up, looked at herself, and howled. Lightning flashed, and a sound of thunder occurred, while the rain was pouring down.

Zaruhi asked, "Shira, can you still talk?"

Shira said, "Yes! Now let's get to Alcaraz Palace!"

Zaruhi and Gurandukht followed Shira to Alcaraz Palace. Before they went onto the Chinvat Bridge, the three looked at the sky.

Gurandukht said, "The sky is in the color of red!...That's very unusual."

Shira, Gurandukht, and Zaruhi walked on the Chinvat Bridge and entered Alcaraz Palace.

Shira said, "I know where Sultana Akmal Azhar and the others are."

Shira walked upstairs, and Gurandukht and Zaruhi followed her.

"They are in this room!"

Zaruhi opened the door. The three went inside and saw me, Mazin, Khorshid, Sultana Akmal Azhar, and Hazinedar Garayev Ruslan.

Sultana Akmal Azhar said, "You two seem to have had the exact same attack as the Zografos siblings did to me."

Hazinedar Garayev Ruslan got some bandages and wrapped the injuries on Shira.

Shira said, "Thank you, Hazinedar Garayev Ruslan! I was actually thrown out of the window by Ankhesenpepi."

Khorshid said, "I'm glad that everyone we know is safe!"

Shira asked, "How are you, Sultana?"

Sultana Akmal Azhar said, "Hazinedar Garayev Ruslan treated my injuries. I'm going to need to use a cane for the next month."

Sultana Akmal Azhar got up, and we saw that she was holding a cane.

Shira asked, "Is there anything we can do to stop the Zografos siblings? They are our neighbors."

Sultana Akmal Azhar said, "Mozhdeh might be able to help."

I asked, "How?"

Sultana Akmal Azhar said, "A few years ago...Boroumand Mozhgan, who currently changed her name to Shahrokhi Mozhgan, used the Zomorrodnegar Shamshir to fight against evil creatures. The sword had the ability to summon the laser known as the Zomorrodnegar Moon Laser, which can harm dark magic creatures, but can't harm light magic nor gray magic creatures. That sword was given to her by Sultan Abiteboul Driss."

Sultana Akmal Azhar went into an indoor closet and found a large sword. The sword's blade was glowing white. Sultana Akmal Azhar took the sword and gave it to me.

I said, "Mozhgan is my mother...She named me Mozhdeh because the first four letters in Latin are spelled identical. I inherited her powers and abilities."

I put the Zomorrodnegar Shamshir away.

Sultana Akmal Azhar said, "The strange color in the sky is a poisonous fog. If a dragon or a bird were to try to fly up to it, they would die immediately when they touched the fog. The poisonous fog came from the Zografos siblings. The Zomorrodnegar Shamshir should be able to get rid of the poisonous fog since it has light magic and the fog has dark magic."

Shira said, "We understand, Sultana Akmal Azhar."

Falak showed up and she landed on Shira's back. She was wearing a kaftan.

Falak said, "Ok guys!...We should go save Isbanir from this fog!"

Everyone said, "Understood!"

Gurandukht, Khorshid, Mazin, Zaruhi, and I followed Shira and Falak. We ran on the Chinvat Bridge, and made it to the central area of Isbanir.