Life started out in the United States Mint, located in Denver. Life was nothing but a bucket full of sunshine. In all actuality, there was no sunshine. It was dark, gloomy, and for the most part cold. Although, it made sense, considering that there were about a couple other million pennies sitting on top of me.

The lucky ones were able to be on top of the pile, where they could be touched by HUMANS! Though, I'm not jealous at all. Every so often, something would come by and

shake the pennies around me, including myself. Then we would fall out of the container we were in, and would be transported to a new container.

I will remember this until the day I die. One day, out of the blue... a machine had picked up the container that I was in and threw us onto a conveyor belt moving downwards. At a rapid pace, myself and pennies all around me, went tumbling down the conveyor belt. This was similar to river leading up to a steep waterfall. One by one, we all fell into air filled tubes all stacked nice and neat.

It was nice being all wrapped up with 49 other comrades, until that moment you realize that being a penny isn't what it's all glorified to be. You would think, being such a useful tool you will be able to see new things and meet new people. In all reality, only 10 of 50 of us are used for what we are intended to be used for.

Let's use me as an example. I ended up being transported to a bank in Detroit, not what I expected it to look like, let me tell you. It rained or snowed basically every other day around there, not the most glorious place to end up. As soon as we were taken out of our wrap, we were immediately dispersed. Half of us went to the front room and the other half landed in the vault to be preserved. Luckily, or so I thought, I ended being taken out to the front room.

That very day, and only a few hours later after arriving, I was given to a well groomed gentleman along with other pennies. Only to be shoved in his pocket, accompanied by some lint, a ball point pen, and a depressed crumpled up dollar. Judging by the condition in which the dollar was in, it was not a good sign for what this man had intended for us.

Moments after he had left the bank, I slipped through a hole that the pen had made. Rolling down his leg for a brief second, I landed head first on the concrete pavement. My owner had no interest in trying to save me as I bounced and rolled my way down the most disturbing storm drain known to man. I personally have never been down a sewer drain before, but I didn't doubt where I was. I was one of many variations of coins to end up there, never again to be touched by mankind.

I spent the rest of my life rotting away with trash, dead animals, and human waste. From there, I watched the world spin and evolve, through 8 little trickling holes above me. Not my expectation of a pennies life, but that's just how the dice rolled this time.