Cars breezing by on the nearby interstate, making for quite the commotion for 10 A.M. Surprisingly more busy for those who live on the countryside of Hong Kong. As traffic rolled through, you could hear water running off the tires. Taking a moment and relaxing in the steamy hot tub earlier was refreshing. Luckily my hot tub is indoors, protected from the outside world.

My windows have been boarded up lately, not like I'm interested in what's out there. Especially due to the fact, that in the past few months there have been sightings of extraterrestrials. Many people have come victim to mind-control and abduction from their own homes. The officials say that these aliens will try to make contact with you, at all costs. Luring people out of their homes, through the force of household appliances. However, everyone around Hong Kong still go about their daily lives, making money despite the danger. Keeping in perspective how we value money.

Thankfully, I have an advantage from working at home as a web designer. The only time I leave my house is when I run out of basic necessities, which can be frightening. The nearest supermarket is about 20km away, making it a bit more tricky to get what I need to survive. Although my next trip to the market shouldn't be for quite some time now, using my rations sparsely.

I'm not originally from this part of the world, I moved here for a better job opportunity. I originate from the United States, but I'm currently trying to save up money for my family back home. Hopefully I can return back home safely when this blows over.

Before my thoughts could go any deeper a stern knock interrupts me, not from my door, but from my window. I wrench back a piece of plywood fastened to my window, trying to get a glimpse at who or what is knocking. To my surprise, there was nothing but the footsteps of an unforeseen visitor.

Thank you for taking your time to read this. I'm considering writing more to this story, let me know what you're thinking.