As I wake up, I thought maybe, just for a second, this was all a dream. But unfortunately, it was not a dream, this was all just too real to ignore it.

I was no longer laying on the road, where the aliens last left me. I found myself waking up in a cage made from criss-cross patterned, non-barbed wire. Essentially an over-sized fox trap. The cage has a cable located on the top mount of the metal wire. Used as if the cage could be lifted off the ground, the cable appears to be connected to something above me.

I knew almost immediately, from the smell of gasoline being burned about, and carbon monoxide clouding the room from a faulty truck exhaust. Seems to me, I'm in the trailer of a semi truck? What happened to me? How long have I been unconscious for?

Hanging, near the middle of the smoky trailer was a dimmed white light, that swung back, forth, and about. A noise emerged from the darkness in the room, it was a cough.

"Hello?" I paused waiting for a response. "Is anyone there?"

A quiet, calm voice replies back. "Hello, who's there?"

It's been awhile since I've last talked to someone who spoke English.

"Reece, my name is Reece Arcoba. Who are you?" Trying my best to make small talk.

"My name is Solomon" In a shaky voice he says "do you know how you ended up here?".

"No, I was knocked out unconscious and woke up to this. Do you?"

"Me either. I just went to bed one day and woke up to this as well." He said with uncertainty in his voice.

The horn sounding from the truck I heard earlier was now rattling the trailer, at the same time the brakes were applied. Doors from the cabin open and shut with force. The truck has been turned off at this point, and I could really smell the gas trapped in the trailer now. Making my head feel light, like a loose feather in the wind. Solomon has been quiet along with me to hear if we can figure out what's going on. Heavy footsteps traveled by in what sounded like mud. Indistinct chatter carried with the footsteps of the unknown. These voices only lasted a few seconds and then they disappeared.

Suddenly, metal clinging and clanging together from the back door of the trailer came about. As if someone is trying to get in…

Hey guys, thank you for all the support I've been getting lately from this short story. Please let me know what you think in the comments, and tell if you would like to read more. Thanks again!