Robert was in the kitchion fixing breakfast.

Suddenly, he heard a scream; it was Eva!

He ran to her room. The door was open, so he went in.

She was lying in bed. At her legs and feet, blood had seeped through the covers. There were holes in the sheets.

He ran over to her. "Eva! What happened?"

"Someone came into the room and shot at me!"

He pulled the covers off of her. He legs and feet were soaked in blood!

"I can't move my legs!"

"Try and relax, Eva."

He went outside. There was a man running away. Robert took a gun out and shot at him.

Then he went back into her room. There seemd to be even more blood over her!


"I can't hold on! Goodbye, Robert!"

He kneeled down and sobbed.

He awoke in a cold sweat. Remembering the dream, he shook his head in disbelief. He got out of bed and put his robe on. Then he went to Eva's bedroom.

He gave the SOS knock-three short, three long, and three short-but there was no answer. Concerned, he trued the doorknob; it was unlocked, so he walked in.

She was still in bed.


She didn't stir.


She stirred. "Robert! What are you doing here?"

He walked to the foot of the bed and pulled the covers back, revealing her legs.

"Wiggle your toes, Eva."



"Well, if you wish."

She wiggled them. He folded himself around her feet!

She said a few choice words in Russian!

Embarrassed, he stepped away from her.

"I'm sorry, Eva! I just had a nightmare about you." He quickly told it to her.

"Well, it hasn't happened, so you can relax."

"I'll make your favorite breakfast, and I'll even open a bottle of Champaign."

He put the covers back over her feet and started to leave.


"Yes, Eva?"

"If something like that REALLY happened to me, would you take care of me?"

This surpised him. "I. . . didn't think of that! I suppose. . . Yes, I would!"

She got out of bed and hugged and kissed him.

"How about I make breakfast for YOU!" she said.

"That would be nice, Eva!"

They went into the kitchen together.