You may call me Lily. I have decided to take on a rather awkward task. In an effort to help myself move past certain hurdles in my life, I will write stories and tales about them. In this case, it is the ones I have loved. Specifically, this is a compilation of tales of those I have loved deeply, from a secretive place in my heart.

Would you believe that I have liked five guys in my life? There have been only five guys that got my heart racing, my breath ran short and my knees felt unstable around them. Each one has a story, a small tale of innocent romance. Each one has a special place in my heart and a corner in my mind in which they may always reside. Some of my past loves never knew of my emotions, and once, I didn't even know of them myself until much later.

Would you believe that I want to tell the stories I hold of these friends? There are only a few to tell, so I can handle this undertaking.