Jacob Williams was getting off the bus on his first day of middle school. He was wearing a blue shirt and jeans, with a bright yellow backpack and grey shoes. Jacob had mostly enjoyed Elementary School, but he didn't really want to be standing where he was standing right now, in front of the middle school. Everyone else from the bus begun to walk out; all of the 6th graders were nervous, and the 7th and 8th graders were just... doing their thing.

Jacob was never the popular kid. It wasn't until 5th grade that people even started bothering to remember his name, so he figured that the same was probably going to happen to him in 6th grade. Jacob read a sign saying, "Please go to the cafeteria to get your schedule". He walked over to the cafeteria doors, before being stopped by someone.

"Dumb*** *****, get out of my way!" the person shouted at Jacob. Jacob continued on, having gotten used to profanity the year before. Jacob didn't care much anymore. When he entered the cafeteria, he saw that more than half the school was waiting in line to receive their schedule. Jacob groaned. This would take a while.

About 5 minutes later, Jacob picked up his schedule. He read it:

1st Period: Grade 6 Science
2nd Period: Art Exploration
3rd Period: Entry Band
4th Period: Grade 6 Language Arts
5th Period: Grade 6 Social Studies
6th Period: Integrated Math Topics 1
7th Period: Applied Engineering

Well, off to science.