I went out to the house of John Swanson. I need to talk with him about a man I was searching for.

I knocked on his front door, but nobody answered. So I looked around the grounds.

He was in the back, in his swimming pool.

There was no gate, or fence, so I walked to the side of the pool. He stopped swimming and looked at me.

"What do you want?" he said, not too invitingly!

"Hi, my name is Barefoot Jenny, and I'm a detective." I took out an ID and showed it to him. "I need some information on a guy named Fat Freddy."

He was silent for a bit. "You're a private dick, right?"

"Right. I'm not a cop."

Suddenly, he smiled. "I dare you to get into the pool with me!"

"If I do, will you talk?"

"Maybe-I aint promisin'!"

So, I took my sandals off and put my purse beside them. Then I walked to the edge of the pool-and jumped in! (I had on slacks and a shirt.) I then swam over close to him.


He suddenly attacked me! Fortunately, I was prepared for this. We wrestled for a couple minutes, but I was able to subdue him.

He smiled. "You're good, Barefoot Jenny; I didn't think most women would do that!"

He sang like a canary. In fact, I spend over 15 minutes in the pool with him!

Fred Kingston AKA Fat Freddy was arrested for murder, soon after that.