Chapter 9 (Epilogue)

Darnella always felt sad when the last few days of summer at Camp Horizon unfolded. The girls were packing up their belongings and cleaning out their cabins and getting ready to say goodbye for another year.

Darnella stepped out of her office on a warm late August afternoon and she walked toward the newest building on the wooded campus – the Benson Colby Computer Lab and Printing Building which stood out from the others because it was new and modern compared to the fifty year old buildings elsewhere in camp.

She stepped inside the building and saw her fourteen year old step son Fredrick sitting among the two rows of computers showing Angela, in her first year at the camp, how to use Excel. Angela's name fit her appearance – she was a strikingly beautiful and pure looking girl despite her struggles with mild autism and social anxiety.

"Hi Nella," Fredrick said, glancing up from the screen.

"Hi Frito," Darnella smiled. "Where's your Dad?"

"In the office," Angela reported, gesturing toward the back room.

"Thanks," Darnella replied, impressed that the girl was able to speak up so well. She barely said a word when she first arrived in June.

Darnella found her husband with a couple of the older campers who were adding the final touches to the last edition of 'Horizons', the camp's weekly newspaper.

"We'll go to print at 5:00," Mark let the girls know as he stood from his chair and gave his wife a peck on the cheek.

"Everything okay?" Darnella asked.

"Patty called," Mark replied. "Dad's fine. He's looking forward to our return."

"All set for school?" Darnella asked.

Mark taught graphic arts at the Blue County Technical School now.

"Just a few last additions to the final lesson plan and we'll be good to go," Mark grinned. "And you?" He asked. "Ready for another semester at Green College?"

"Pumped and primed!" She laughed.

They looked out the office window and saw Fredrick working with Angela on the computer. Fredrick wore his hair shorter now and it was nice to be able to see his eyes.

"That kid's got the best summer job imaginable," Mark said.

"I told you things would work out," Darnella said happily, wrapping her arm around Mark's waist.

"Yes you did," he replied, kissing the top of her head. "You've certainly left your mark."

"I would never leave my Mark," Darnella quipped, giving his abs a squeeze.