A/N: A piece I wrote for my Sci-Fi class in 2017. Enjoy~



The Promethean Pole Shift Project

9.6. Results

As outlined, are three components to Apocalyptic Risk: scope, intensity, and probability. The size of the group effected, how badly the individuals of the group are effected, and how probable it is that the effect will be bad. Some risks only effect the personal, or the local, or global; some risks are endurable, some terminal; sometimes risks don't lead to undesirable outcomes, not yet.

Well it is yet and it is bad and it is everywhere and no one is safe. I have demagnetized the planet's poles and I am embarrassed. I'm blushing so hot, the icecaps are melting. The moon has spun out into the Sun, crashing the Earth into a thousand days of brightness. Compasses and global positioning systems and mosses are going haywire. Everyone feels in their foreheads a new type of vertigo, our individual magnetic fields don't knowing where to go. Travelers all around the world are lost.

I admit I took a risk trying to forcefully reverse the earth's polarity. This thesis was only accepted because they thought I would fail, or that we would finally know how the fuck magnets work, but instead I dug my own grave. If I thought this would work, I would've done something even crazier and bolder, like invent a time machine or something. What I wouldn't give to turn back the clock now…

The Earth's polarity flips about every 200,00 to 300,00 years. It's done so many times, and all the doomsday theorists have been proved wrong – this is normal, this is okay. But what I've done isn't natural, and nature knows it. The Sahara is drowning in rainfall and the Arctic Circle is on fire, and millions of people are offing themselves before my mistake does it for them.

If humanity lives through this, please know that I am so sorry. I didn't mean for any of this to happen, and I am ashamed that I don't know how to fix it. We've tried, we've all tried, to put the poles back where they wanted to be, but they just don't go. I think the earth or God or the universe or whoever or whatever knows I fucked up, so they're starting over. I can only pray that in the next version of us, there won't be another me.

A/N: short and nothing major, I know LOL. It was mostly to counter a poem I wrote for another class, which you can read & listen to on Meow Meow Pow Pow online literary publication!