I am sorry...

Sorry, that I could never be
To you, what you were to me.
Sorry, that I could never show you
What you really meant to me.

Sorry, because I believed
That you were here to stay.
Sorry, for it might have been
Me, that pushed you away.

Sorry, for I failed you,
Failed you as a friend
When, in truth, I ought to have
Stuck by you to the very end.

Sorry, because I blamed you,
Hated you for when we drifted apart.
Looking back, though, now I think
It was my fault too, in part.

Sorry, because I could not see
That you were trying to stretch your wings,
And all that you received from me
Were icy glares and brutal stings.

Sorry, for never realising
That you needed the change.
I never really could understand you,
Dismissed your behaviour as strange.

Sorry, for I broke my promise
To you that I would never let go.
It had been too long, and I was too weak.
The cracks had begun to show.

Sorry, I truly am
That it had to end this way
When the mere sight of you
Could once make my day.

Sorry, for being a stubborn fool,
Not accepting our bond was gone.
Things change, as do people-
You had simply moved on.

Sorry, because - God - I wish
Our time had been a little more.
The only regret I shall have is that
I wish I had known this before.

A.N. This was something I wrote a long time ago. This is the only piece of poetry I have ever written, and I can honestly say that it simply 'flowed'. I did not have to think, it was merely feelings to paper. It never happened before, it never happened again. Sharing this here because it is one of my pieces that are closest to my heart.