The ground trembling beneath, the waters parting from each other, and volcanoes erupting after being dormant for centuries. The world as they knew it was changing in a matter of seconds. There were no signs or indications that their lives were going to change forever.

High up, among the Himalayan mountains, was home to the Mazen tribe during the first 100 years during the creation of our solar tribe had been migrating around the world, during the first 20 years, after their last establishment was overrun by the Triteca tribe. Mortal warfare was in its advancement period during these tribes existences. The world was becoming more efficient, intelligent, and useful of the resources around them. Resources of an abundance to them, but they quickly realized what they were limited to.

I'm unsure of this short story, but if this story starts to grab your attention let me know. A cool time period to write about but not really everybody's cup of tea. Write down in the comments if you would like me to write more of this otherwise I probably won't. Thanks for your time and your attention!