For once I didn't feel it

The flutter I usually do

The feelings are all fading

The feelings I had for you

They've been so deeply tainted

By your time away

By your refusal to take action

By the lack of words you say

I didn't feel happy

Nor did I feel sad

The fact that I felt nothing

Didn't feel so bad

The hope I had is dying

Time is doing its job

You no longer with a hello

Can make my heartthrob

I can't say it's what I wanted

But it is what I now feel

By spending all this time away

My heart you've allowed heal

You weren't here to patch it

Or wipe away the tears

And now a life without you

My heart no longer fears

I can feel it building

Building up the walls again

Thicker, stronger than before

This time so they remain

With everyday that passes

I feel you less and less

Your lack of texts or calls

No longer cause me stress

It's become expected

That you won't be around

But the thought of you not here

No longer breaks me down

I guess this is what it feels like

When the hope does finally die

When you've decided to give up

And there's no more tears to cry

I guess this is what it feels like

When love does finally fade

When you've decided happiness

For pain you'd gladly trade