Will you be my solider?

Radio: BBC Focus in Africa, VOA, Radio German in Swahili all drams for hatred and propaganda news about the war in Africa, without discussing a solution for peace.

Sound 3 ps :
power, privilege, poverty:
The word propaganda! confuse me with word Uganda.
Proper...Uganda my mind wander in childhood as I learnt a foreign language.

I was 9 years when the impact of misuse of power damage my thinking.

I and my mum survived a bullet from the mercy of one soldier who stopped the colleague from triggering at us in 1987 at the onset of the Civil war in Northern Uganda with the LRA.

My mom was slapped on the face with mighty power that sent the fire of fear running down on my spines like lightning.

I grew to learnt history with pain and in my secondary school, I drop subject history for I did not want to know the misery and Social the injustice that men greediness for power has inflicted on humankind.

Listening from folk stories beauty of my heritage before colonial destruction that ;
We leave in harmony, we danced and ate together, we played together, hunt together, we were one community.
But today Power has separated us, power isolated us, power disadvantage us, power created class in us, now we have conflicts, now we see power success destroyed our community, the world is divided more than before!
Every country is bleeding internally the consequence of misuse of power.

Today Power left me alone, out of 7 boys in my village I am alone!

My heart pain for I can't solve the social injustice alone.

Even on the street of Mighty nations, I see power injustice through the homeless on the streets of Twin cities!

The mighty nation plans to build the wall to create a class instead of building and restoring humane.

Power baptized us with poverty!
I sometimes think UN useless because power has destroyed its mission and brainwashed its good purpose.

I see the bombs still being made to destroy life for the greediness of man!

I wonder whether peace is a privilege for a few!
Is there dignity for all mankind?
Is there humane to bring world justice?

I wonder whether good health and education were for the special group.

We have fought power through songs, poems, advocacy and sacrifices but seem all these just chasing the winds.

I now know poverty was man-made and calculated social injustice inflicted by misuse of power.

I wish all seven of us alive to change Northern Uganda a home to leave in and admire!
Those 6 who died in the civil war could be alive to be doctors, engineers farmers like me.

I wish can kill the devil of social injustice.

I wish the world is immunized with social justice and humanity for all!

I wish all you become my Army of Fighting for Social injustice and Equity!