Speaking alone!

The tap on my phone suffers the force of my anger

For I send text, and no one replies

Even when I see them online, they chose to leave me alone

I try to call, no one pick up

I just don't know why the world does not speak to me

I just don't know why she declines to text me back

I just don't know whether my text reach her

I wish she could see in my lonely heart of wonder

I wish she could see her empty sit in my heart

I wish she could feel my heart with a word

For these are my life and joy

Her silence not only tortures me

But brake me

Put me into sickbay

I wish she could remember my plea

Just to say hi

For it is enough strength in the cold rainy evening

For its comforting to wait and imagine

For its reassuring

If the answer is No!

Speak to me!

Let me not speak alone.