She stood in front of the ancient desk, arms crossed. The car ride over here had been silent. The Australian, Felix, she'd learned his name was, stood to her left. He was at ease and comfortable, but Chloe had seen how easily he had summoned the heat earlier. Without even a thought. He was explosive.

Then the man in front of her, behind the desk, was a mystery. His name was Noah and he could supposedly control things. And he looked vaguely familiar. There was just a certain structure to his face. Chloe frowned. She had no idea why he looked familiar. Noah studied her with a critical eye.

"What?" She snapped.

"I've been looking for you for a while, Ms. Bauer," he said finally. She wrinkled her nose at the name. He raised a brow in curiosity. "Something wrong?"

"I don't prefer that name. Reminds of my disgrace of a father," she spat the word like it was poison. Her father had left her family after bandits had raided the house and her little sister was killed. She'd hated the man ever since. Noah blinked in surprise. "Anyway, why did you look for me?"

"A legendary assassin," he started, sitting back, "nobody believes he truly exists-" she scoffed.

"Nobody believes a woman can kill for profit or kill at all. All men, human and Cursed alike, believe a woman cannot be just as deadly if not more, than they are," she retorted.

"All you needed was a solution to get out of the bind. You killed two men, Chloe, all you needed was a hot blade. I did nothing," Felix piped up.

"Shut up, Aussie," she snapped at him and he did.

"Chloe, what I'm trying to get at," Noah continued, "is you are legendary. It was the only answer that you were Cursed. How many kills do you have over the last hundred years?" Noah asked.

"I don't know."

"A woman as proud as you are knows exactly how many kills she has," Noah sat forward, challenging her, daring her to prove him wrong. She rose to challenge him in return.

"Six hundred forty-eight confirmed kills. I got paid for six hundred of them and the forty-eight were personal kills. It's easy to kill when I can teleport from place to place and hide my kills. Roughly six kills per year, and yes, Noah, I am a very rich woman," she braced her hands on the desk, holding his gaze. " I do not kill for simply profit alone. Each human that I killed either murdered or raped or stole or did some other unspeakable act. I do not kill without reason. Each life, human or Cursed, is important and those that demean that life deserve death and I, Shadow Reaper, give that to them. I'd do it for free if people just asked." He studied her for a moment.

"You will not be able to continue as Shadow Reaper, you know that, correct?"

"And why the hell not?" She snarled.

"Because the Immortals now know you are real. And you are far too powerful to be left alone in the world. If I were to let you go, they would have every right to send their Cursed after you to kill you and eliminate you as a threat," Noah said easily.

"I'd like to see them try," she hissed, and then suddenly she couldn't move. She was stuck, her hands on the table. Noah's eyes glowed a steady amber.

"I am one of the most powerful Cursed in the world, but there are others just as powerful. The Immortals are terrifying beings, Chloe, so if the Cursed under an Immortal are sent to find you, they will do everything they can to kill you just so they don't displease their masters." The light died in his eyes and Chloe felt her body become her own again. She stumbled back. "I was sent to get you to train you so you can become effective from my Immortal and the Immortals as a whole. If I let you walk, you've gone rogue and therefore, you are a danger to my kind."

"I'm already trained." Was all she said.

"In control, maybe, but you are now an Immortal tool. Felix and I will help you. We're in this together now."