Somebody ran into him on the street. They had pushed him into the path of an oncoming carriage. Luckily, a stranger had saved him. Something had sparked at the stranger's touch. There was something different. Something... off, but welcoming. But he put it aside. The stranger had been a bit odd. He'd had a strange accent, maybe something old -not Australian at all- and said something strange but he couldn't recall what it was. He just wanted to get home to show off his new suit to his father. He was going to be joining him soon.

When he made it home, he went straight into his father's study.

Felix stepped into the study and spotted his father arguing with a fat man. There was a dark look on his father's face.

"Father. What's going on?" Felix asked, shutting the door behind him like he had been taught by his mother. It was rude to leave the door open behind him.

"What's wrong, boy?" His father asked anxiously, "why'd you come in here?" He ran his hands down the front of his jacket and took a step forward. He seemed eager to send his son out.

"I… I got my new suit as you asked…" he trailed off, his eyes sliding over to the fat man who had turned around and grinned. He frowned.

"That's good, son, now leave -"

"Now, now, Anthony," the fat man interrupted, "the boy should hear how his father lost his legacy." He finished with a snake-like grin, turning a malicious look on Felix's father. Felix paled.

"Father -"

"Go to your room, son. We'll discuss this later -"

"No, father-"

"Felix -" his father's voice hardened.

"Tell me!" Felix shouted. Heat seared through the room. Sweat visibly broke out on the two men across from him. His father was silent and the fat man grinned, standing straighter.

"Your precious father lost everything in his bets - to me. Including that jewel of a woman, Victoria." Felix balked, his back slamming against the closed door.

"You gambled with mother?!" He cried out in disbelief.

"Felix," his father took a few steps forward, "please-" he begged, but rage settled like a hot stone in Felix's stomach and all he could see was red. He wouldn't let this man take his mother. He would never let this man have his mother. If he couldn't have his wealth, no one would. He would raze everything to the ground like Rome before he let anyone have his wealth. There were twin screams of alarm across the room, but Felix felt nothing but anger and heat. He would've lived like a king, but his dumbass father had lost everything to his stupid gambling addiction including his mother. The only good thing he had.

His eyes dropped to his hands and he saw the fire running from his fingertips like water, spreading fire across the room And Felix barely felt the heat. His father's agonized scream sounded over the flames and Felix fell to his knees as rage turned to terror. Was he going to burn to? Where was his mother? What about the manor? Where was his mother?

"Mother!" The cry tore from his throat as he pulled open the door and stumbled into the hallway. Flames roared to his left and he turned and fled the manor. Everything erupted into flames as he passed them, burning white hot to match the level of his fear. Was his mother even home. Yes. She never left the manor without his father's permission.

The manor collapsed around him and he fled. He couldn't die here. His mother would want him to live. He stumbled into the alley behind the street, covered in soot and ash, but otherwise perfectly fine. He turned back to his family home and watched as flames shot up into the sky.

He watched in awe and horror. How did the fire start? His father did not have a fireplace lit in the study for it was the middle of summer. It seemed as if the fire had sprung from him. As if the fire had reacted to his anger and unleashed its wrath upon the house. But if it came from him… that meant… that meant… that meant… NO!

A cooling hand grasped his wrist like an iron shackle, immediately cooling the lava that coursed through his veins. He tried to jerk away, frightened by the cold. Cursed. Cursed. Cursed. He was Cursed. He'd killed his family. He'd killed his parents. The grip never let go as he struggled to get away. "Leave me alone!"

"You need to relax!" That strange accent from before. Felix spun to face the man holding him - no, this man was Cursed, the glowing red of his eyes told him that. "You'll set the entire city on fire, boy. It's hard to cool your blood, it's boiling too much. Breathe, you're fine." Felix glanced down at his hand and saw that fire still dripped from his fingers like liquid and evaporated with a hiss as it hit the cobblestones.

"You're safe now," a new voice sounded from his right and his head snapped in that direction. Another man stood, about the same size as the one holding his wrist, apparently cooling his blood so he didn't explode. He looked kind. Felix relaxed slightly and then the hand on his wrist disappeared. He looked back to the other man and saw dark hazel eyes had replaced the glowing red ones.

"What's happening to me?" Felix broke, choking on a cry. "Why am I like this?" He knew why he just didn't want to believe it. It was hard to process. He was Cursed. He'd killed his family.

"You're Cursed, boy. You set the manor on fire because the fire got away from you. It's okay, it happens -" the first man started to speak.

"I saw my father engulfed by my own flames!" Felix shouted. The blood red flashed in the man's eyes again.

"You need to calm down-"

"Calm down? I probably destroyed my life and killed my parents -" And then Felix could no longer move. The only thing he could move was his eyes and he could think freely, but he was trapped inside his own body. Terror shot through him as even the heat within that he had started to come to terms with went dormant. The other man stepped into his line of sight, eyes glowing amber.

"You need to calm down because if you do not, you will lose complete control of your Curse and destroy more than just your home. Markus and I are here to help you and protect you from humans. If they find out your Curse set the fire, they will not hesitate to kill you. Do you understand?" He asked and Felix realized his voice was his own again.

"I do," he choked out and the man nodded and released him.

"What's your name, boy?" Markus asked him.

"Felix Harris." Hearing his name, Felix broke down and started to sob. Markus let out an annoyed sigh. He'd lost everything in his life and discovered he was a monster to top it off. And he'd killed his parents and ruined his life. He would never be the same. He was Cursed.

"Look at what you did, Noah," Markus snapped, "the boy is crying."

"He just found out he's Cursed, Markus," Noah retorted, "it's understandable he'd break. Being Cursed during these times means death."

"Whatever the case, we need to get him out of here," Markus stepped forward and Felix felt that cooling hand on his shoulder. "The fire will draw attention and we do not need the attention, nephew. We have other things to be doing."

Felix didn't remember much of the trip out of the country and to Europe. It took several days, but Felix was just lost in thought, broken. His body burned. Like molten lava pumped inside his veins and he focused on the feeling. This Curse… it felt like something had clicked into place and he was finally who he was meant to be. And that thought terrified him.

They walked into a massive European manor and Noah pulled him aside before a set of double doors.

"Felix, I will be taking you to meet somebody very important. She will scare you, but it will be okay-" Noah started, but Markus coughed drawing Felix's attention.

"Do try not to cower, you're Cursed," Markus drawled.

"Be quiet," Noah snapped, glaring at him. He placed his hand on Felix's shoulder and steered him into the room.

Sitting ramrod straight and regal was an incredibly pale woman with white hair and freezing blue eyes. There was no heat in the room. Everything ached with cold. Felix had felt cold before, but nothing ever this intense.

"Felix, this is the Immortal, Lorelai. She is the one that cares for us and protects us," Noah introduced, his voice stiff. The female's ice blue eyes settled on him and Felix felt his inner heat disappear.

"This is the boy?" She asked softly and even her voice lowered the temperature in the room.

"Yes, this is Felix Harris," Markus chipped in.

"He's very young," she commented.

"He's explosive. You should have seen how fast his manor caught fire-"

"Markus!" Noah hissed. Felix flushed and lowered his eyes in shame.

"Did he now?" She sat forward, intrigued. Markus stepped forward, his eyes shooting to Noah in challenge.

"Yes, Mr. Harris is quite powerful," Markus nodded, "he's quite valuable as well. We are very fortunate to have him under our wing. And Noah is quite skilled in training Cursed-"

"They just don't seem to listen to him," Lorelai's eyes cut to Noah. Felix looked over at him as well. The Cursed frowned, looking away. Anger marred his handsome face, that and shame. "And they get themselves killed-"

"That is because they had human hearts! There was not enough Immortal in them and it got them killed. That had nothing to do with my training," Noah snapped defensively. The female's face hardened and Felix trembled.

"You will not fail me this time, will you, grandson?" Lorelai asked and Felix took a step back, shocked. That made Noah a quarter Cursed? He was nearly pure?

"I will not fail you, grandmother. I do not fail often and Felix is a fast learner," Noah crossed his arms, "I will not fail you."

"Good, now get out of my sight."

As soon as the doors shut behind them, Markus dragged Noah off to the side and they argued with each other quietly. Finally, Markus made his way over to him. He clapped him on the shoulder.

"Noah is going to take care of you. Be careful and don't let your Curse control you, control your Curse." With that, he turned and strode out of the manor. Noah joined Felix's side. The Cursed stood like he was waiting for a fight. A frown marred his features.

"Where is he going?" Felix asked quietly.

"Lorelai sent him out. He doesn't stay in one place for long and we won't see him for a while," Noah mumbled.

"What do I do with my life now, Noah? I've never been without my family-"

"I know, it's difficult, Felix, but I'm here now. I'm going to train you and protect and I'm not going anywhere," Noah said quietly. Felix closed his eyes and then pulled Noah into a hug as he started to cry.