"You're telling me you assassinated Julius Caesar?" Felix scoffed.

"No, I suggested it. They just followed through. His nephew, Ocativan, took over him after that." Noah corrected with a smile, pausing at a stop sign.

They were going to save a woman, Chloe Bauer. She was Cursed. Apparently, she had been the rumored Shadow Reaper that had swept through Europe and moved to North America. They had to get to her first. So they drove. Noah was passing the time by telling stories of things he had done in the past.

"But still, you and Markus were friends with Caesar and then you helped kill him," Felix said, raising a brow.

"I also helped raise Alexander the Great," Noah said with a grin.

"Well, damn, I missed all the fun stuff!" Felix complained.

"Oh, you got to experience the Great War a few years ago," Noah rolled his eyes.

"That was awful. I don't ever want to do anything like that ever again, Noah." About ten years ago, the world had plunged into a world war. Many of the wiser Immortals decided to stay out of the War because Cursed were incredibly valuable and died like humans. So the Immortals sat back and let the humans slaughter each other. They'd hoped the humans would wipe each other out and the Immortals could take over when the humans were weakest.

Unfortunately, Lorelai and Corian wanted to be in the middle of the bloodshed. According to Noah, the siblings had been two of the Immortals that had caused the Great Flood and started this great fucking mess. The siblings had jumped into the war on the back of Britain, the country being one of the world powers at the time. Felix had joined the War as a medic. He'd figured he could get some skill from that experience besides knowing how to kill a man. And if, as a medic, he got injured, he healed much faster than his fellow soldiers. Noah had been a secret operative. He'd had connections in the British military that gave him that luxury. Noah hadn't told Felix all that'd he seen or what he'd done.

After the U.S. joined the War, the siblings had turned their eyes to the new world power and when the War ended, Lorelai sent Noah and Felix to the States. From there, Markus had joined them for a year before he caught wind of Chloe Bauer. Markus had been hunting for the Shadow Reaper for several years. The Cursed left after locating her and left him and Noah to get her.

"You know, you might have to Felix. Especially because Lorelai loves bloodshed and conquest and Europe is getting restless again," Noah muttered.

"Hopefully the U.S. doesn't get involved in the next conflict," Felix glanced out the window at the city of New York.

"They probably won't" Noah commented, "the people don't want war. Josiah says the Congressmen are tired of fighting. They say they shouldn't have joined the war, it was too hard on the country - we're here, I think." Noah gestured to the building on the right.

Felix peered at the building. Mob bosses, for sure. She'd either kill him or get captured. Either case, she was arrogant and might get herself killed.

"Well, let's go get her-"

"No, you go." Felix looked over at Noah.

"Me?" He questioned.

"Yes, you. I want to see if you can extract her without burning the place down," Noah smiled easily.

"Fuck you," Felix snapped and climbed out of the vehicle. He'd save Bauer. And he'd keep the place standing.