Loss was something
She had grown accustomed to
In her rather brief existence

This was no different
More because she didn't really
Know how to feel

Someone passed away
It was unexpected, more because
Of the related unknowns

She didn't quite know this person
And memories of this person eluded her
Thus, she was left to muse

Muse on many things

She knew what the outcome was
Yet, faintly, she wanted different
Even if she didn't know nor remember them

She'd muse on the cruelty
Not cruelty of people but the cruelty
Of fate and much considered

This wasn't a divine punishment
Nor was it retribution, foul play, or an accident
Just an illness

And the resulting consequences
"Natural causes" if she would, leading to a
Quiet transition into the next life

One might call that ideal
If that person wasn't quite young
Death was impartial

An inevitability, something that happened
Had to happen, so things can start and begin anew
Regardless, of fate's cruelty

She mused on this
And wondered why she wasn't
Sure how to feel

In light of the recent news

She was cynical
She'd expect the Morton's fork with outcomes, yet
In her paradoxical existence,

She hated bad news
And she wasn't' looking forward to
That sort of bad news

This person was already gone
And she knew this, it was instinctive
Yet, somehow, she wanted different

She couldn't go the hospital
She was offered a ride but she opted to decline
She knew what she knew

That visit wouldn't do wonders for her psyche
Nor would it revive the departed neither did she want
That whole experience

To be the only memory she had
Of the said departed

She wasn't sure how to feel
And neither could she provoke the feeling
Loss was something she'd grown accustomed to

In her brief existence

She mused on why
She didn't know how to feel
Perhaps, she'd been stoic for so long

Or suppressed her emotions to such a degree

Idly, she could only bid farewell
To someone she barely knew and couldn't really remember
And take it for what it was

"It's just as well."