She said she'd never call them
As she feared the outcome
That was her resolve

To not die at their hands

They were supposed to protect and serve
But, from what she could glean, that sort of privilege
Only seemed to be reserved

For none that were, especially her sort.

She had more a reason to be afraid
She'd be probably be another casualty
They weren't trained to deal with her sort

An episode for her
Would be calls to "euthanize" by their standards
And it would be business as usual

Another day that the wind blows

She feared them
If they killed her, there would be
No justice

Only cover-ups and the world turning

She feared them
Because the incidents wouldn't stop
Justice never for them

So, why would her case be any different?

Few would understand
And few could understand
Yet, they'd call her crazy

Harsh, judgmental, or whatever

For her resolve,
To not be put down
Like a rabid dog

Or, rather, one that would called such
One that would be assumed as such
The story could go either way

An episode for her
Would be a summon for execution for them
Those ones, the ones hired

To "protect and serve"

She'd never call them
As she feared the outcome
And knew there would be no mercy

Nor any justice

For those ones in blue