Robert walked into the living room. Eva was lying on her stomach on the couch, her bare feet in the air. She was perusing a fat yellow pages.

"Have you chosen a restaurant, yet?"


She pointed at one of the ads. It was for a place called Moscow Nights.

He looked it and sadly shook is head.


"Think a bit, Eva: There's a price on your head, at the moment. Wouldn't it be a bit obvious to go to a Russian restaurant?"

She looked at him and nodded. "Yes, I guess you're right."

"I'm sorry, Eva. Perhaps in a few months, when the threat subsides."

She continued looking through the book. She pointed at a place called Butch's.

"I love a good steak."

He nodded. "Butch's it is. We'll heave at 6:00."

"All right."

She got up and went into her room.

At 6:00, they met in the living room. He wore a tuxedo, she wore a white dress.

"You look beautiful."

"An you look very handsome."

He led her down a hall and to an elevator. The door opened, and it took them down.

They got out in a garage. He led her to her car. They got in, and he drove off.

At the entrance was a guard. Robert showed him his pass, and he let them leave.

It was an intimate place. A circular fountain was in a corner. They were seated at a quiet booth in a corner.

Robert offered to get a bottle of wine, but Eva opted for a bottle of vodka, instead. When it came, she poured a glass and downed it instantly.

"Not bad, but Russia still makes the best vodka!"

"I'm sure they do!" Then he grew serious. "Eva, I'm sorry I couldn't let you go to Moscow Nights."

"It's OK, Robert. I forgive you." She poured another glass. "Cheers!"


She downed hers quickly, and he downed his, too.

"(hic) Good stuff!"

She laughed. "To be a true Russian, you must get used to vodka!"

"I'll do my best!"

They perused the menu. He ordered leg of lamb, she chose sirloin steak.

The food came, and they started eating it.

While eating, she began rubbing his leg with her bare foot.


"Why are you so uptight, Robert? Relax!"

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

"Oh, and thanks for taking me out, tonight. I really needed this."

"No problem. I'm sorry I won't be able to do this with you too often-at least for the next few months. It took a lot of red tape just for this evening!"

"I understand."

She drank the vodka quickly-a little too quickly, for his liking!

They finished their dinner, and he paid the bill-over $50!

"I feel like a swim."

"A swim?"

She got up-barefooted-and walked to the fountain. And then, she stepped into it! She waded to where the water fell from the upper tier-getting soaked-and put her hands in it.

Some guests were shocked to see this, while some actually laughed. The maitr'd looked crossly at Robert.

He laughed, nervously. "She had a bit too much to drink!"

He coaxed her out of the water, and they left.

"Are you cross with me, Robert?" she asked, while they were in the car.

"I should be-but no."

"Perhaps this will make you feel better."

She produced a small object from her dress. At a light, she gave it to him.

It was a plastic canister. Inside was a roll of microfilm."

"Where did you. . . "

"In the fountain. I saw a man drop it in there."

"And that's why you played in it! Eva, I'm very proud of you!"

"Thank you, Robert!"

"I tell you what, Eva: You can't go to that Russian restaurant, but you can have take out from it."


At another light, they hugged and kissed.