He stood at his mother's side, arms crossed over his chest as he looked down at his sister. The poor woman was sobbing at their feet, her head pressed against the dirt. She cradled a sword to her chest. Cynthia was crying over the loss of her human son, her oldest, Nehim. Markus resisted the urge to roll his eyes. The boy had been useless. His Immortal genes had not activated, therefore, he meant nothing to them. Why did she cry about him so damn much?

Lorelai bent over to run a hand through Cynthia's hair. He had no idea why he had to be a part of this. His sister was far too human to be of any worth, despite her Curse.

"Oh, my child," Lorelai cooed, but Markus noted the hint of falsity in her voice, his sister was so weak-willed, "Nehim had no worth in this world. He was mortal, merely human. And you know how humans are supposed to be viewed. The child that matters is Noah -"

"Noah killed my son!" Cynthia spat and Markus's eyes darted to Lorelai at the outburst. She didn't like to be interrupted, much less by a whimpering mess. But the Immortal stayed silent, glowing blue eyes intent on her daughter. "I taught Noah control and he lost it! Noah is worth nothing to me!" Markus blinked in surprise. His sister radiated hatred. It had always seemed that Noah was the more beloved of the boys because he wasn't violent, but obviously, that had not been the case.

Markus hadn't paid much attention to the way Cynthia had raised her family and barely even knew the name of her human husband. He wrinkled his nose at the thought. Lorelai had asked him to breed once with a human to continue the spread of the bloodline, but he had politely refused because the humans were a weak and despicable race. They did not deserve the Immortal gene. He'd suffered her wrath later, but she had not asked again.

Markus glanced back over at Lorelai. His mother had always had little patience for his sister because she was so incredibly human, despite her powerful Curse. Lorelai abhorred it.

"I will come back to you once you have calmed down," the Immortal said softly, but the threat was clear. She turned to Markus, "Come, my son, we will be back." With that, she started off. Markus started to follow her and then paused, looking over his shoulder at Cynthia.

"Get over yourself," he sneered, "you can have more children. Have as many as you fucking please," he gestured widely, "Nehim means nothing. Noah is the child to be proud of. He decimated a whole army with just a thought. Imagine what he could do with our training." With those words spoken, he followed after his mother.

When he joined her side, she grabbed his arm. Ice shot through his veins and he shivered. "Your sister is weak," she snarled, disgusted, "I am ashamed of what she has become." Markus scanned his mother's face and found no lie there. "I found Noah," she added, "I want you to help train the boy. He is undeniably powerful and I hope you can help him become an obedient descendent just like you." She turned the full force of her attention on him and he found himself nodding.

"Whatever you require of me, mother," Markus dipped his head. He resisted the urge to shrink away from her gaze and was successful. Despite being his mother, Lorelai was terrifying.

"First, you need to get him to become a man. He's barely sixteen and he still mourns his brother."