"Fight back!" He shouted, slashing the sword through the air. "Raise your sword arm higher! Block!" Markus's sword connected with the boy's sword. Sparks flew. He swung, knocked the sword to the side, leaving Noah's chest open and Markus finished with a kick to the boy's chest. Noah fell on his ass.

"Get on your feet! Fight back!" He shouted again. Noah got to his feet, his eyes downcast, trying his best not to yell in return. Markus could see the struggle on his face. He was getting somewhere, good. Time to take it up a notch. "Your father, despite being human, was a brilliant fighter. And you have none of his skill! What a waste," Markus spat at his feet, "maybe Lorelai should have left you to the hands of your pathetic mother." Noah's eyes flashed that golden amber and Markus knew he hit a nerve. The topic of Cynthia always seemed to spark Noah's anger. "You're weak," Markus taunted, "just like her."

And Noah snapped. A roar tore through the boy's throat as he swung the sword, bringing the attacks fast. Markus blocked and parried easily, but the boy had improved his skill. Markus parried and kicked Noah back once more, but this time the boy stayed on his feet.

They stood across from each other, sweating and panting. That amber light glowed in his nephew's eyes and Markus's sword flew from his grasp, clattering against the arena wall. Markus was physically defenseless against his nephew now. The amber light glinted off Noah's blade, casting an eerie glow on the arena floor.

Noah was powerful, but he didn't scare Markus.

Not yet.

With a yell, Noah charged and brought the sword down, but it was a tad late. Markus blocked the incoming swing with his forearms against the boy's wrists. They stood face to face. Noah was only two or three inches shorter than him and thinner, but he shook with rage. And a man filled with rage could do the impossible.

"You've gotten worse with your control, nephew," Markus taunted, smirking.

"You bringing up my mother doesn't help matters!" Noah snarled. Markus returned the sound, summoning up his strength and shoving Noah away. The sword hit the dirt and Noah spun away with a yell of frustration, the light dying in his eyes.

"Then learn to forget her! She forgot you. She should no longer rule your thoughts. She hates what she is, being half-Immortal. She sympathizes with the humans and their weakness," Markus spat. "That is why she hates you so much, because you are not human."

"Then why doesn't grandmother get rid of her?" Noah rounded on him. Markus held his ground. "She's not helping our cause -"

"Because she is a breeder. She needs Cynthia to continue the bloodline -"

"What about us?" Noah countered sharply, "we're powerful -"

"You're barely sixteen, Noah," Markus rolled his eyes, "Your Curse may be powerful, but you have no idea what you can do. I, on the other hand, do not have time to stick around and raise a child. We were born for conquest. Lorelai believes we belong at the top. Humans are worth nothing in this world and it is our job to get them into submission. Remember that, Noah."

"I'll make my own opinions, thank you, uncle," Noah rolled his eyes, turning away. Fury surged through Markus. He didn't deserve to be disrespected like this. He hadn't asked to train his headstrong water boiled beneath his veins. A surge shot through his veins as he shot his hand up, clenched his fist, and flicked his arm hard to the right. A sheet of water appeared and hardened to ice and slammed straight into Noah.

The boy cried out in pain and alarm, stumbling. He spun quickly as the ice vanished into thin air. That amber light rose in his eyes, but this time, Markus's felt his Curse course through his veins in rythym with his nephew. Amber stared down blood red.

"You don't get to have opinions boy! You do what you're told without complaining," Markus snarled. "Don't forget who took you in." The objects in the room started to vibrate as the smallest parts of them bent to Noah's will. Markus caught a glimpse of bloodshed that the boy had caused just months ago. Lorelai had said it was a bloodbath. Subconsciously, this boy was unstoppable, but his mind did not let him destroy things without contemplating his actions or even think about touching them without thinking through the consequences. But that glow hinted at unfathomable power. Once Noah unlocked his full potential, he would be able to do whatever he wished to whatever or whoever he wished. All the boy needed was control.

Markus's Curse curled under his control, seething under his skin, waiting to be unleashed. Noah caught the bloodlust in his eye and the amber light died. Markus could end the boy's life right now. Noah's blood basically cried out to be manipulated. All blood did. He could end both of their suffering right now, but held back. Lorelai wanted Noah alive and what his mother wanted, she got. Noah lowered his eyes.

"That's enough for the day," Markus said quietly. "I want you to practice controlling the vibration of objects and hone it to lifting it and moving it. Don't let your emotions control your Curse. You control your Curse. The faster you get your emotions under control, the faster you can control to living objects such as plants… or people," Markus glanced up, catching Noah stiffen. Despite hating her, Noah was much like his mother. He felt everything too much, cared far too much. It was what made him weak.

No matter, Markus would work it out of him. All he needed was a little more work and some more practice. Then Noah would be a killer at Lorelai's disposal.