The day started off as an average Fall one can. Leaves littering the grassy campus as Charlie Hensley nonchalantly makes his way to his World History class. Listening to Bieber music while walking there. Taking his usual desk towards the back of the room, he killed the last few minutes before class surfing through Instagram.

Twenty-year-old Max Green walked in the college. He is nervous cause he doesn't know anyone, he even had to ask a random teacher to find out where his class is. Listening to Imagine Dragons as he walked into the classroom #406, he saw a tall, dark-haired and heart-stopping 20-year-old guy and gave him a smile before holding his hand and said" Hello".

Charlie shakes the new guy's hand. He was brought up a gentleman. He wasn't sure what to make of the new kid but in his mind thought how alluring he looked. "Hi, name's Charlie. Charlie Hensley"

Max shook Charlie's hand as he kept smiling. He liked the new boy and kept looking at his face.

"Hi, my name's is Max Green... Nice to meet you"

He has nice hands-soft hands- Charlie thought as he let go of Max's hand. Charlie nods to the desk on his right. "Free seat if you want it" he offered.

"Yes, thank you cutie" Max smiled as he sat next to Charlie. Max suddenly held his phone out in front of them.

"It's selfie time Charlie, give me a smile!"

Charlie flushed at being called cute by this stranger he just met but couldn't hide how flattered he was. He gave his best smile as Max took the selfie. Nothing beats making a new friend he always believed.

Taking pictures, he planned to share later his Instagram account, Max whistled to himself "Wow you have amazing smile... Give me your number." Max blushed as he gave Charlie his cell phone.

Charlie typed his number into Max's phone. They were breaking ice faster than one could say "Spicy Chicken." The professor walked in and the class eyes were focused on the lesson. Charlie couldn't help but look at max out of the corner of his eye.

Max looked at Charlie and gave him a wink. After two hours the class ends.

"Do you want to go out for a drink or something?" Max held his stuff and waiting for Charlie to reply.

"Sounds great" Charlie said, always game for a good drink and Max seemed a cool enough guy. He left the class walking with Max on their way to the parking lot. They go to the local IHOP.

Max acts like a gentleman brings coffee and pancakes and go back to Charlie "I'm back cute... It's nice to have a new cutie friend in the first time in college" he said while drinking his coffee.

Charlie smiled and welcomed the coffee and pancakes they got at the local diner. He was tickled at Max calling him cute.

"Tell me about yourself" he said while eyeing the new kid in between bites.

"My name is Max Green. I moved here last year so I'm new in city and college. I'm living in hotel room until I find a place. I love music, food, basketball and games. I hate cats…" Max giggled and ate half of his pancake with a smile.

"What about you?"

Charlie was stunned how open this guy is. He was curious to know more. "How'd you end up in a hotel?" he asked.

"I don't know anyone here or family so the hotel was a good idea for me" Max smiled.

"Where you live now and what's your major?" Charlie found himself amazingly being forward with Max than anyone else in his life.

"Rose Hotel... I've some money not a lot, so I'm looking for a small house- if you can help me... Tell me about yourself please" he was getting tickled the more he got to know about Charlie and enjoying how forward he was with him.

Charlie had to brace himself it was kind of a bit to go into right off the bat. "I've lived around here since I was five. Studying to be a screenwriter, thinking about teaching middle school maybe. Big on art and bit of photography." He was surprised max was hooked on his words. "I'll help you out best i can. You're welcome to stay in my room if you ever need to..."

"It would be nice if I could live with you... But I don't wanna make problems with your family" Max couldn't hide his smile on his face.

Charlie leaned in an inch close facing Max. "It's cool man, I wouldn't mind, and my family is away on vacation. my guest" he said with a sunny tone.

"Ohhh yes that will be great... Thanks" Max answered smiling as he closed in on Charlie, landing a kiss on his left cheek.

Charlie's body went rigid and his cheeks grew red. Until then he wasn't sure if Max was overly affectionate or really liked guys-but the later proved true. He almost forgot to breathe before clearing his throat. "So-anywhere I can take you Max?" he didn't want to come off as scared but tapped his fingers on the table hoping for a favorable answer.

"OK at 21:00 I have to clean the room and bring my stuff" he touched his finger slowly "I'll cook the dinner… what do you think?"

"Uh um...sounds great" Charlie said, his face breaking into a grin. "What do you like to cook?"

Max kisses Charlie's cheek again. "Anything you like... Your wish is my command hehe" he giggles as he looked at Charlie's chocolate-colored eyes again.

Charlie thought he'd faint if Max kissed him again. "Surprise me" he blurted out. The waitress had just arrived with their check. As a gentleman, Charlie paid it. "Want me to take you to your hotel?"

"It will be cool Charlie if you can go with me." Max held Charlie's right hand and they both walked to the street, stopping to catch a cab. Max opened the door "The cutie first."

If I die and go to Heaven, it will be worth it Charlie thought as he got in the cab first.

Max got inside and enjoyed listening to mutually favorite songs on the six-minute ride to the hotel. Max took Charlie upstairs to his room.

"Sit anywhere you want, I've to change my clothes." Max took all his clothes off but was still in his blue Hanes boxers only as Charlie saw his erect penis while Max reached into a drawer for fresh new ones.

Charlie sat at the desk on the right side of the room. He reached into the mini-fridge, pulled out a bottle of water and drank it-hoping Max wouldn't see how flustered he looked. The sight of Max's erect dick a snapshot in his brain.

Max smiled as he pulled out a bottle of pomegranate juice from the fridge. "Chill out cutie... Lay on the bed if you want." Max took his time to pack all his stuff.

"By the way I love your smell" he remarked.

Charlie turned his face away; Max was too much. "Sure, you don't want some help?" he asked. He liked being Max's guest but didn't like not doing anything.

Finished with packing his stuff, Max asked Charlie to turn down the music they put on. Taking a sniff of his right armpit, max recoiled in disgust "Ohhh that's bad I need a shower" he winked at Charlie as he went into bathroom, leaving the door open as he got nude.

Charlie laughed a bit nervously as Max went to take a shower. He did turn on a radio and selected a Pop station. Laying back on the bed, Charlie kicked back and played a mobile game on his iPhone. The bed proved very comfortable that Charlie started to get drowsy and found himself falling asleep. A short nap wouldn't hurt.

Max exited the shower three minutes later, wearing only a towel as he came upon Charlie asleep. He quietly took his iPhone out to take pictures of Charlie as he got dressed in jean shorts, blue converses and a red Ralph Lauren shirt. Max blew onto Charlie's face wake him up and laughed.

"You're so cute when you sleep... Let's go to your place" he said.

Charlie couldn't move. If Max were a Vampire, he'd be even more stunned and happy to give himself to the handsome sweet. "O-okay" he piped out, feeling the fresh warmth radiating from Max's skin. "Uhh, so-you ready to go?" Charlie had to break from the euphoria of the moment for the time being.

"Yeah I'm ready cutie, sorry to make you wake up." Max held Charlie's left hand and made him stand up kissing both his hands gently "Sorry cutie" he giggled.

"That's okay..." Charlie giggled a bit, trying to contain a bigger laugh. "C'mon let's head back to my room, get you all settled." Charlie offered to carry what he could for Max.

"No, it's all good and the cute you enjoy being treated like a princess hehe. Hold my stuff and go outside, you can you stop a cab for us." Max pinched Charlie's right butt cheek as he walked out of the room.

"Sure thing" Charlie was impressed such a sweet-natured guy could have a self-less attitude. No time flat, he was able to get a cab that took him and Max back to the university. Charlie helped carry his new roommate's stuff to his room.

"Wow nice room Charlie... Now cutie take a shower and I'll cook something" Max closed in on him before gently tapping a kiss on his face.

Charlie could've sworn he popped a boner at being kissed on the cheek. He certainly needed a shower after the fun whirlwind day he had. Washing himself, he wanted to touch his prick thinking of the beautiful guy in his kitchen, cooking dinner. He couldn't bring himself to do it though. After two minutes, Charlie put on a t-shirt and boxer shorts before returning to his guest.

Turning to look at Charlie's tight butt in the white Calvin Klein boxers, Max bit his lips as he went back to cooking

"Ahhh you look great cutie" Max cooed as he tried to hide his hard penis, but the light showed everything under his shorts.

Charlie smiled turning away, still a bit shy. He wanted to help but felt max had it all covered. Turning on the TV to watch the news while Max finished the dish. Charlie's eyes peeking at the curves of Max's back and ass, trying not to look too conspicuous.

Max finished cooking the pasta as Charlie sit at the table and there was only one chair.

"Charlie come and eat... We're gonna share the chair cutie."

OMG he really knows how to push the right buttons Charlie thought as he got on Max's lap. He loved pasta and the smell nearly had his moth watering. Turning on an episode of "Ridiculousness" Charlie dug into his plate, enjoying the warmth of Max's length against his butt.

Max's penis got hard as he touched Charlie as his hand lowered closely down more to the brunette's own cock. He even took the bold step of getting between Charlie's hips as they started to eat.

"I hope you like it." Max tried to keep himself still, but his hips moves a little to Charlie's own aroused surprise.

Charlie almost choked on the mouthful of pasta he was chewing but managed to swallow it without being too surprised. The magic Max was making to his butt not subtle at all. "It's really good" he replied, licking a spot of marinara sauce from the left corner of his mouth.

Smiling as he dried a little bit of sauce on Charlie's nose "I'm glad you like it." Max kept moving slowly, his hips undulating as his penis squeezed Charlie's boxers. "Who will clean the dishes?"

"I'll help you out" Charlie said. Max had been so kind to him, he wanted to be a good host. Missing Max's warmth as he got off his lap, he couldn't decide which tasted better: Max's lips or cooking.

"Okay I'll lay down on the bed waiting for you cutie." Max gently kissed Charlie's hands before laying on the bed as he held his mobile phone playing Candy Crush Saga.

Charlie stood transfixed for a moment watching Max go to his room. He almost never wanted to wash his hands 'ever' again. Breaking from the trance, he started to wash the dishes. All the while imagining Max, like Sleeping Beauty, just waiting to be woken. He nearly chuckled and mentally slapped himself over it. After 5 minutes, Charlie quietly walked into the room to see if Max was snoozing or still playing his game.

Max closed his eyes to look as though he was sleeping, secretly watching what Charlie was going to do as his iPhone dropped off his chest.

Charlie tip-toed to the bed to see if Max was asleep or faking. He almost thought of jumping on his guest but wasn't up for rough housing. Taking in the sight of his new friend lying there, Charlie would've been happy having a painting of the image. Casting his flip flops aside, Charlie turned off the light, cut down the volume on his TV and laid beside Max, only two inches between them. He wanted to see what the sweet was going to do.

Opening his eyes slowly as he put my arms on Charlie, Max purred in his ear "Get close to me cutie- I think tonight will be cold" he winked as he slowly cuddled within Charlie's strong arms.

"I can be really toasty" Charlie replied as he enveloped Max in his arms. Running his fingers through his soft hair, he tickled Max's toes with his own before pecking those tender lips.

"That'll be great Charlie, turn around and keep watching TV." Max give him a big smile and winked. He tapped a gently kiss on Charlie face "Thanks."

"You don't have to ask twice" Charlie snickered as he turned on his side, allowing Max to hold him close and do what he wished.

Max kissed Charlie's arms "I think I'm really starting to like you... You're so kind, sweet and very cute." Max couldn't stop his mind imaging how Charlie tasted, holding him closer more as he got erect and then he touched Charlie's butt. The second touch really got him hard.

Charlie felt Max's erection touch his butt crack. The very heat made him squirm deeper into the mattress. He closed his eyes in bliss. "Don't stop please..." Charlie pleaded. He wanted the moment to continue as Max was exploring his body. The head of his own cock he felt sticking out of his boxers.

Max happily continued rubbing his penis when he heard Charlie's voice groan. He took the shorts off and got nude before playing with his own cock on Charlie's butt.

"Hmmm I hope you enjoy..." Max used his fingers to touch Charlie hips and bubble butt.

Charlie bit his bottom lip and groaned lightly. He had touched himself many times since age 12 and since then had wanted to be touched by another guy, now that wish was for real. jerking his boxers down with one day, Charlie turned to whisper at Max. "Go ahead dude, touch me."

Max took Charlie's boxers off and for first time his penis touched Charlie's nude butt and warm hole. He kept touching Charlie as he gave him kisses until their lips met again for the first deep one while Max's cock knocked his roommate's pink hole "Hmmm I'm going make you mine..." he kissed Charlie's lips deeply

Charlie enjoyed the taste of Max's mouth. The electric warmth of his new friend's cock tickled the skin of his butt, Charlie reveled in it. "What position...babe?" he cupped Max's balls. They fit right in the palm of his hand!

Kissing Charlie's lips deeply as he pinched his nose "I wanna see your cute face when you take the banana in your hole hehe" Max joked as he turned Charlie on his back as he got between his legs "Do you have a lube tube?"

Before Charlie could answer, Max captured Charlie's lips deeply as he pinched his nipples.

"Is there milk hehe" Max teased "I wanna lube up fat your hole "Hmmm is this your first time?" he asked sucking Charlie's nipples lightly

"Yes" Charlie moans in reply.

Max's fat his penis slowly rubbed up on Charlie's hole. Kissing and sucking on the nipples faster "Hmmm so tasty" he kept rubbing his cock as soon he pushed the head of his meet inside, finally embracing the pink hole "So warm cutie!"

Charlie winces, partly biting into the pillow as Max enters him. He grows limp to his touches while they lock lips and flesh caresses. "Keep going..." he begged.

Max keep pushing his penis in the asshole as he kissed Charlie's lips deeply "Ohhh so cute..." his cock went in inch by inch.

"Yes, oh my..." Charlie groaned, the heat between him and Max was amazing.

After a long time of manipulating his cock into his lover, he pushed all of his cock in Charlie's hole "Ahhh baby so warm inside" he tried to move but the hole grabbed the cock really tight.

"Baby we've a small problem- I can't move my cock... Hehe" Max smiled as he gave him a long sexy kiss.

"Stay in me Maxie" Charlie urged. "You fill me up so damn good." Their tongues writhed with each other and hands touched one another's 'secret spots.'

"So cute baby!" Max sucked deep on Charlie's tongue as he tried to move but the hole grabbed very well after a while, he moved a little bit "Ahhh baby" he kissed Charlie hands.

"Ride me dude, give me all you got..." Charlie said between kisses. He wanted Max to fill him up with his cum.

Max held Charlie's legs on his shoulder as he started to move fast "Hmmm I'll make you tired baby..." he kissed his friend's gorgeous lips deeply as he pounded Charlie faster.

Charlie grips the bed spread and enjoyed Max's total pleasure in his body. He almost wanted to jack himself off but was too high on his euphoria to do it.

Moving his hips even faster as their legs merged together, Max moaning in a loud voice "Hmmm do you like it rough?" he kissed Charlie's legs and gave them a light bite.

"Mmmm rough and sweet" Charlie gasped. He'd always like passion mixed with a bit of naughty play. He playfully bit at Max's tongue like a dog jumping for a treat.

Max kissed Charlie's lips deeply and sucked his tongue as Max stood up holding Charlie's waist while he moved his hips harder and a bit rougher "How you feel baby?"

"So, so damn fucking good!" Charlie laughed into his yell, returning a kiss moving up Max's neck, behind his ear and towards his mouth.

Moving his cock harder roughly and wilder as Max sucked Charlie's tongue "Baby hmmm God, so yummy" he moaned and kept moving his cock inward harder and deeper.

Charlie's fingers tickle the curves in max's ass, the tips barely touching the hair in his crack.

Max's cock moved relentlessly as he kissed Charlie's neck "Hmmm Charlie are you close to cum?" he moved his cock harder as he slapped Charlie's butt every time, he moved.

"SO... CLOSE!" Charlie exclaimed before locking his lips on the left side of Max's neck. He never gave anyone a hickey before, but this guy was too delicious to resist.

Smiling Max moved with more fervent desire harder and rough. "Shit ahhh I'm close so close baby! Keep moving hard and deeper as soon I'll make your hole red and sore."

"Cum baby cum hard!" Charlie mewed into Max's neck. His hands combing through his lover's sweat slick hair down his warm back.

Obligingly Max moved his cock harder as he shot his cum in Charlie's tight warm asshole. He hugged Max deeply "Thank you..." Max kisses Charlie's lips deeply "Now you want to be my GF... Yes, or yeeeeees" he giggled.

Charlie flipped Max over, licking from the fresh hickey he made all across his face. " I like the sound of BF better, but the answer's so obvious." He flicks a finger playfully at Max's nose.

Putting Charlie down as he laid his cock inside him, Max moaned arching his back "Oh my hmmm so cute baby... I think your hole got sore-but still feels sweet" he licked his lips smiling as he held out his iPhone take a picture of Charlie's sweaty cute face.

Charlie made a Vag Face as Max took his photo. Grabbing him by his shirt, he pulled him back down to the mattress and starts to tickle Max everywhere he can.

Max laughed as he kissed Charlie's lips deeply "Let's sleep baby we're gonna have a round of basketball later... If you win, I give you choice the position- but if you lose, I'll make you suck my penis like a Klondike Bar" max winked.

Charlie's cheeks went red. "I'm not the best at b-ball but I'll take you on" he replied, still not one to back down from a challenge. For now, he only wanted to snuggle with Max and lose himself in the scent and skin of this Angel of a person.

Kissing Charlie's lips and cuddling him deeply, both fell asleep. In the morning Max woke up early "Baby, Charlie baby wake up" he kissed his lover's somewhat dry lips gently.

"Hey there babe" Charlie smiled, taking in the warmth and stinky smell of the bed sheets. He hoped for more fun times to come.

Holding Charlie on his shoulder, Max slapped his butt before taking Charlie to bathroom "C'mon let's clean you up cutie" he said with a kiss made on Charlie's nude hips.

"I like that idea" Charlie chuckles and turns on the shower, leading max in with him.

Kissing Charlie's thick neck as Max washed his body, he turned his roommate around suddenly to kiss Charlie's open lips deeply

"Do you wanna lose or win cutie?" Max teasingly asked as he kissed the hottie's lips deeply while giving those juicy ass cheeks nice pinches.

"I'd like to win but losing wouldn't be so bad" Charlie smirked as he guided max's hand to his cock and returned the kiss.

Max snickered and kissed Charlie deeply as he hugged him close under the shower spray "I want to fucking eat you out here... I'm really horny and can't wait until the end of class today" he whispered to Charlie, never ceasing in rubbing his hole slowly.

"Don't wait then..." Charlie pushed his butt up against Max's cock.

Rubbing his cock on Charlie's butt before slowly bending him over as he pushed his firm rod in his love's irresistible asshole "Hmmm so warm baby-you're too addictive."

Charlie licks his lips, spreading his palms on the wet tiles. "C'mon do it babe!" he groaned.

Max started to move harder and rough from the first time "Ahhh I love it I love it..."

Charlie groaned and became lost in Max's thrusts. He urges him onward while the y still have time.

Moving his hips harder and roughly-every push driving him wilder as Max slapped Charlie's butt "Fucking A- Jesus ahhhh do you love it?"

"Ohhh God, fuck yes!" Charlie yells.

Max moves even harder and deeper as he pulled Charlie's wet dark hair and slapped his nude hips

Charlie embraces the pain happily as he feels Max's orgasm coming. "Do it, come on babe!"

Moving his cock harder and roughly the way Charlie's come to enjoy it as Max kissed his neck after half hour "Ahhh baby I'm close to cum!"

Charlie bit his lips waiting for Max's pipe to burst.

Hungrily grinding his cock harder, Max shots his rich cum in Charlie's tight asshole. "Holy shit hmmmm that was amazing!"

Charlie kissed Max as the cooling water falls over them both. "If you wind up staying, this will become a habit" he laughed. "C'mon, we gotta get ready for class."

Kissing Charlie's lips deeply as he pinched his nose, Max hugged him. "You're so cute my lil' sweet. Go dry off and bring towels" he playfully ran Charlie out of the bathroom.

Charlie grabbed two for himself and Max. They both dried off, got dressed and went to the food court to get breakfast.

"Let's get going baby, I need to be ready for when I win later" Max winked at Charlie, eyes following the curves of his butt.

After breakfast the day went quite fast for the two. Charlie agreed to meet Max at the gym before dinner. He wasn't expecting to win but was more than happy to lose knowing what the expectation would be.

At the night around 7:30 PM Max waited for Charlie in the gym as he wore college logo shorts and an Avengers T-shirt, waiting for Charlie to come.

Charlie spotted Max out on the court. He was glad he decided on a time when they could have a one-on-one round. "Hey Babe."

"Hi baby! Miss you already" Max drew close and gave him a lot of kisses before Charlie had to beg him to stop.

Charlie reveled in the kissing. Breaking it, he took the ball out of Max's hands and bounced it. "Ready?" he asked, trying to sound as suave and confident as possible.

Kiss the lips he couldn't hold back from deeply Max let Charlie go. "Yeah I'm ready, but you've gotta change your clothes first cutie" he gave him a tight pair of green shorts he'd packed just for the event.

"Okay... don't do anything I wouldn't" Charlie said before dashing to the men's locker room. Throwing on a pair of university shorts and a shirt, he ran back up to the court to meet his 'boyfriend.'

"Hmmm so sexy baby, glad you didn't take too long…" Max gave him the ball as he smiled and thought about losing or winning, the later his main objective.

Charlie tried his best, using what he learned since fifth grade about basketball, even though he was never the best at it. He managed to score a few shots, but Max obviously had the upper hand.

"Booya ahhh baby I win sorry!" Max smiled and pulled Charlie toward him for victory cuddles while kissing him like mad.

Charlie didn't mind losing, not that he tried to let Max win. "It's cool. Fair and square right?"

"You bet baby mmmm- you want to take your prize here or in the locker room?" rubbing Charlie's brown hair as he teased his penis ready for some fun.

"Let's hit the showers!" Charlie lolls his tongue at Max playfully before leading the way there.

They ran to showers, Max made sure to close the door to the room. Hands caressed each other's bodies while the hot water let all the sweaty stink drain away. Max made Charlie sit on his knees and rubbed those delicious lips on his cock.

"Take your prize" Max urged gasping at Charlie's breath hitting his meat.

Charlie licks the tip of Max's cock before swallowing it whole. The splattering of water on the tiles, Max's moaning and the outside bouncing of balls upstairs were all he heard.

"Yeah oh God yes baby!" Max closes his eyes as he grabbed Charlie's head.

Charlie goes deeper on Max's cock. His fingers massaging his wet butt.

" Fucking hot mhhh yes baby- give me more" Max moaned as he closed his eyes and cried from the thrill.

Charlie licks around Max's head even more-he wants this guy's sweet jizz in his mouth and on his face.

"Charlie ohhh damn yes baby eat that mega cock!" Max tossed his head side to side with each moan hard as he closed his mouth with a fist, eyes jutting open with a big smile on his face.

Charlie welcomed Max's cum while fingering his hole. He could totally get used to this.

Max came hard in Charlie's mouth as the cum was thrown into Charlie's face "Dude you're so cute wearing cum" he laughed.

Charlie lapped up Max's cum and kissed up his body back to his lips. "My turn" he cooed and directed Max in front of him.

"What you want to do?" Max kissed his lips as he pushed Charlie next to the wall holding him Wasting no time bringing his penis deep inside Charlie's asshole.

"Would like for you to suck me...but th-this is cool" Charlie uttered before Max entered him. Closing his eyes, joints becoming numb to the hot pleasure.

Moving my cock slowly but harder rough for Charlie to wince at. Max kissed his bare neck "Silly I don't suck okay... So cute" he bit his nipples gently before he started to suck them, his fingers teasing the mouth of Charlie's ass.

Charlie resigned himself to his position, not that he protested it. If he could have Max with him, nothing else made him envious for more.

Max move his hips ceaselessly and fiercely as he screamed "I love you Charlie…hmmm you're mine-all mine... Only mine!"

"Oh yeah, uuhh yes!" Charlie moaned to Max sinking in deeper before retracting just enough to turn him on again.

Moving his cock relentlessly as he kissed Charlie's parted lips deeply "You got that right-hmmm you've got a sweet gift waiting when we get back to room" Max winked at his bemused boyfriend.

Charlie moaned into Max's shoulder, nearly clawing his back with each thrust. "Cum in me babe...oh God please!"

Hammering his cock harder while biting Charlie's neck, Max shot his cum in his lover's tight ass. "Thank you, baby." Max put him down" How would you feel if I treated you like a princess?" Max laughed.

"You can treat me this way all the fuckin' time" Charlie giggled into Max's ear. He was surprised he could even stand after that amazing and 'epic' time in the shower. It had to be late by now. "Let's get outta here and get something to eat" Charlie said as he reached over for his towel to dry off.

Dragging Charlie out of the locker room and into his cuddles and hugs. They looked like a classic lovestruck couple. "You can choose the position in the room." Max put on his clothes and went outside to wait for Charlie. His cheeks going red as he told friends about his new relationship.

Dressed, the two left the gym and stopped by the local Noodles N Company before going back to the dorm. Once in Max's arms, he decided to lie on his back and give his boyfriend freedom to work more wonders on him.

Kiss Charlie's lips deeply even before they land on the bed, Max pinched his butt. "What does my cute princess want to eat?" He rubbed Charlie's hair as their body warmth flowed through each other.

"Your hot dog" Charlie replied groping Max's covered meat. He smooched his lips, giving a bit of tongue with the kiss.

Max sucked Charlie's tongue as he unzipped his pants, drawing Charlie's bewitched face closer to his penis- rubbing his needy lips against it "C'mon then you, hmmmm take your desert baby."

Tickling Max's head, Charlie went to town on him again. He'd suck Max off even if he was covered in caramel.

"Be a good boy and eat it up-mmmm yes that's how to do it baby!" Max flung his head back on the pillow and closed his eyes as he laid down on his back.

Charlie continued to lather Max's meat with his tongue while pressing a finger teasingly into his boyfriend's ass.

Holding Charlie's hands by his hips, Max pressed his boyfriend's head to his engorged cock "Ah take it all baby..."

Bobbing intensely up and down Max's cock, lapping up precum as Charlie dug his finger further into his butt.

"Fuck oh my God, hmmmm baby faster- I need to fuck your ass!" Max smiled as he moved his lips slowly, helping Charlie take it all in.

Charlie sucked and finger fucked Max complying to his wishes. Counting down to his eventual climax.

"Whoa hmmmm yeah, yes suck that cock!" Max shot his milk in Charlie's waiting mouth.

Charlie drank Max's load and pushed his finger deeper inside him while he captured his boyfriend's lips, letting his own cum drip on to them.

"Well babe hmmmm chose your position princess" Max cast away Charlie's pants as he smiled.

Charlie gladly assumed the doggy style position, ass firm in the air.

Pushing his cock in the waiting asshole as Max slapped Charlie's butt-he had to record this next time.

Charlie urged Max onward. "Jack me off too babe!"