The Angel in the Dock

Sky-blue dress and big brown eyes,

Blinking in the harsh white lights,

Like a deer surprised while drinking,

You can't hate me, can you?

He began it,

The scum, the louse,

It was an accident,

I didn't know it would go off

She had a very difficult childhood,

Or is it that she had a sheltered life?

Never understood the wickedness of the world?

Never learned that knives are sharp

The other woman was a hussy,

He could have done better,

He could have had me,

Oh, no, Your Honour, there must be some mistake,

I can't remember what happened,

I would never do a thing like that,

Wounding with intent, murder, arson,

Blackmail, sexual assault,

(He told me he was sixteen)

Mother wouldn't let me go to Woodstock,

I didn't know axes were so heavy,

And he told me to kill Aunty Sue,

The brown eyes swim with tears,

The bottom lip trembles,

And bravely comes under control,

I never meant to hurt 'nyone

I only disembowelled him,

By mistake