Days of Old

There are days

When I cannot get you out of my mind

For days you can pollute my brain

In the quietness of my dark room

I can see within the memories,

your cute smile and sassy ways

Your dorkiness that could have brightened up my darkest days

For it was much needed back then, too

There were some days, I admit,

I would let your memories cloud my eyes

Entangling me into the past

Because it was so much simpler then

And we made it complicated too.

Now, in this future moment I want to know,

how are you?

What do you feel?

What troubles your soul

Or what makes your heart beat?

I wish you could've told me your secrets and desires back then

All I wanted was to erase your inner demons,

So at least one of us is happy.

Maybe then it wouldn't have been too complicated.

There are days I can only think about you

Let your whispering voice consume my soul,

just like a heavy base,

that'll eventually combust into flames.

It makes my heart shutter,

My eyes open to the darkness of my room

Those were the days,

Days of long ago.