Look at them,

Smiling and eyes lit up like candles.

Their giggling and laughter,

It fills a room faster than Black Friday.

Do you see the way he looks at her?

His jaw plops to the ground.

He doesn't try to hide it,

The obvious admiration he has towards her.

No matter how hard he tries,

He can't cover up what's there.

You can't stand the overbearing attention he gives her.

How he teases her,

It drives you bonkers,

Frustration flooding your mind.

Your nose lifts in the air,

The sight triggers a nasty feeling.

Sight of them together,

It's like nails on a chalkboard.

It screeches unbearably in your mind.

It echos like you're in a tunnel,

That voice in your head on repeat,

Nagging at you.

You ask yourself: "What does he see in her?"

The image of them is imprinted like a tattoo,

Permanent and ceaseless to the brain.

You can't shake off the image.

It sicks like tape,

Unwilling to waver away.

The pit of your stomach plunges.

The sight of them provokes something inside.

Your jaw clenches tight,

Like two rocks sandwiching your face.

Your hands form to fists,

Fingernails digging to your skin.

Your nails tucked in so tightly,

You swear you see red liquid drip.

The built up frustration runs down like water,

It tumbles down like an avalanche.

The emotions overload like a flood,

appearing tangible to the eye.

Water surrounds your eyes.

You realize that you feel jealous.

You feel this way because you know in your heart it should be you and him together.

Maybe someday they won't matter.

They won't pertain to