I'll the only girl visible to your eyes,

In a crowed room,

I'll stand out.

I'll be blatant like a green light,

It'll shift your instincts to go.

I'll wear that scent that will urge you wilder than a bull.

It'll tremble to your core every time you inhale the aroma.

It'll be the only thing you crave,

Like a lion wanting a juicy steak.

I'll don a purple dress.

The straps slouch to my shoulders,

the fabric cinches around my waist like an hourglass.

The material ends to my calves.

I know you'll notice,

Even you can't tame the animal emerging from your eyes.

I'll speak in a hushed voice,

Whisper to you confessions that would make you redden like a school girl.

I'll tell you the little things,

Like how the intensity of your eyes lures me in,

How it gravitates me to do anything.

I'll mention the quality of your voice,

The smolder-y sound makes me exhilarated.

I could listen to it on repeat.

I'll gaze into your eyes,

Our eyes will have our own conversation no one else will understand.

I'll look at your lips like sweet candy,

Lick my lips pretend that their yours.

I'll imagine they taste like hot chocolate.

Share your confessions to me.