"And we're live," A female voice behind the camera spoke as the TV came to life suddenly.

"Hello, viewers and welcome to the show, Get to know the OC! In this episode, we'll be interviewing one of the more peaceful characters I happen to have. I am Zena Krimzon, or as many of you know me as KrymynalKrimzon, what a mouthful!" The interviewer announced to the camera. The woman had a rounded face with chubby cheeks, excitable brown eyes and black rounded glasses, giving her an innocent looking face. Her shoulder length dyed orange hair was falling in her face as she spoke, but she simply ignored that. She then looked at the clipboard in hand. "This challenge was given to me by my longtime friend, Cry who is also known as ZimmyCakes on DeviantArt! If you wish to meet her characters in her show, look at the description of the show for the link." Zena read off the clipboard, then flashed a big TV worthy smile, the smile making her hundreds of freckles more prominent. "Now there are several rules, which I will display them right now," Zena prompted. LaRae who was behind the camera watching the live feed pressed a button on a very confusing remote, causing text to scroll up the screen.

If you wanna do this yourself, here are the rules:

1. Choose one of your OCs.

2. The answers must be written in your Oc's point of view.

3. Your OC cannot lie

4. Journal's title should be OC Interview

5. Tag as many people as you want.

6. Have fun!

LaRae gave a thumbs-up behind the camera once the text was fully gone from the screen. "So that are the rules! Sweet and simple. I think we're bending rule two, but it can't be helped. I never do first point of view, and also this is a television show! We'll just have to listen to them explain themselves. I'm also stretching rule 4, because it claims this must be a journal when this isn't being broadcasted as a journal, but instead a story. To start off we'll be interviewing none other than Mill Higgins. She's a kind lady with a big heart, a sweet smile and a really dangerous sister which we will not be interviewing for my own safety." Zena stated calmly. "Please note viewers, I cannot and will not censor the Oc's words, so if there is cussing or threats be warned now." Zena started to walk, the camera magically following her to a corner she had set up beforehand. LaRae walked behind the camera, assuring the camera was in focus at all times.

The corner Zena moved to held a comfy red seat and a matching loveseat across from it for the interviewee to lounge on. The camera positioned itself between the two seats, so both of them were in the frame, though LaRae adjusted the angle so the light above didn't cause a lens flare.

Zena took her seat and set the remote on the armrest of her seat. "Now, we as bring her in she's most likely to be upset, we just yanked her out of her world and she's currently missing her lunch period for this, so let's make this quick! Before this, she was briefed very vaguely on what must be done. She just has to answer all my interview questions before we wipe her memory of this experience- she doesn't know that part. Then once her mind is cleared of this little 'bloop' she'll be sent right back!" The interviewer snapped and a man dressed in riot gear escorted the blind female, trying to hold her hand but she kept swatting them away whenever he tried to help her.

"I'm blind, not helpless." She stated simply with an exasperated sigh, probably for the dozenths time. The guard stayed out of the camera frame, going over to LaRae as the female took a seat on the loveseat with little prompting to do so. The young lady had gray hair that flowed down to her shoulders. The dully color haired was slightly darker shade at the tips. Her unfocused purple eyes were 'looking' towards the camera as she pulled her legs up so she was fully on the couch, keeping her limbs close and to herself. She was wearing her classic uniform which belonged to the Spirit School of Atlantis University, completely unaltered or personalized. The only personal belonging she seemed to carry was a personalized name tag with 'Mill' engraved which hung off her hip instead of around her neck.

"Welcome, Mill Higgins to today's interview! It's an honor to see you face to face. I'll make this quick so you can get right back to your world." Zena easily said, well rehearsed and practiced.

"Very well, but what world am I in currently?" She asked calmly, her head tilted to the side so her long gray bangs fell in front of her face.

"Well, normally I'm not the one answering the questions, but I'll go ahead and tell you. You're in the world of 'I do what I want'." Zena stiffly spoke, then cleared her throat and gave another smile to the camera, ignoring LaRae's annoyed expression. "Okay let's get started with the questions!" She stated firmly. LaRae annoyedly pressed another button on the remote, causing text to fade in on the center of the screen, then slowly fade back out.

Q and A: Mill Higgins

"Let's start off nice and painless. 1, what is your real name and nickname?" Zena effortlessly asked as she read off her clipboard, pulling the pen of the side to write down notes as needed. "I'll also be adding on and ask what you are. I know our viewers are just dying to know your secrets."

"My name is Mill Higgins, and I have no nickname. My name is short enough for it to be left as is." Mill gently spoke. Zena nodded encouragingly as she made a small note on the board, despite the blind female not seeing the encouraging motion. "I am an Aniviere, which is a bit tough to explain but I'll do what I can. If you ever get Nez on this show I suggest asking him but um," she paused momentarily. "An Aniviere is like a human. We're the human's sister race, just much older than them and therefore more advanced with spaceships the like. We're also well versed in magic, as in almost every Aniviere has a good amount of magic, more than most races in fact on average. We're different because of a few small, and a few large differences. Um," she paused again, taking a moment to mull over her explanation.

"For example, our hair and eyes can almost be any color and can change over our lifetime based on our magic. When we use magic, a big spell that is, there is generally an aura around us that takes a form based on that person's magic or personality. We can also make that aura take form and be apart of us... Such as, well when I cast spells I get large bat ears and wings, and small fangs. I can also summon these at any time and make then 'real' so to speak, so I can actually fly and hear ridiculously good. Also, because of this, it affects my diet in a way where I can actually drink blood and live on it. Eating 'normal' good actually makes me a bit nauseous nowadays… And while we're on this topic, yes I'm blind, and no… It's not because I'm a bat Anivere. Also bats are not blind." She said with a slightly annoyed look, probably because she's heard that joke hundreds of time over her life. "I was blinded because of an incident when I was nothing more than a baby."

"Okay good, That's all we need hunny and thanks for illustrating that to us." Zena nodded in approval and looked back to the camera, though her gaze was on LaRae, who made a motion to continue the interview. " Now let's continue," Zena instructed before she put her focus back on the female before her. "2, what is your current age Mill?"

"As of right now, I'm 21 and in my third year at Atlantis University, and just to make a small note that Aniveres age at the same rate humans does."

"Okay perfect. Next question. 3, what is your favorite food?" She easily continued on with no prompting from director LaRae.

"I enjoy many foods, but due to what I am I enjoy blood mostly, O type if I'm blunt. As for 'normal' food I enjoy s'mores, oh what's that's not a true food… That's desert." Mill softly murmured, leaning back on the loveseat while heavily resting against one of the armrests. She lightly drummed her fingers on her lap as she thought carefully, wanting to answer truthfully. "I like ham. Glazed ham, it's sweet and often times it's really juicy and full of flavor."

"I think you accidentally answered two questions in one. The next question 4, your favorite drink was next. I guess I'll mark down you like-"

"I don't consider blood a drink." Mill gently interrupted, holding her hand forward in the 'stop' motion. "I think blood is a food due to the fact of it's what I mainly 'eat', after all. For a normal drink, I enjoy apple juice. I like sweet things, even if it's bad for my fangs, and yes I have fangs. Due to my constant use of magic, some of the animal traits has been sticking around."

"Okay good… Now then," Zena beamed and leaned forward, excitedly clicking her pen repeatedly. "5, who is your love?" Zena eagerly asked. Mill flared up instantaneously, her face turning a deep pink as she pressed back into the love seat.

"What an intrusive question!" Mill accused, and in turn, Zena did not seem to care. "I rather not answer, he might see this."

"Mill I guarantee you no one from your world will ever see this broadcast. It's perfectly safe. Remember you were briefed before you came on?" Zena gently reminded, her brown eyes briefly flickering to the guard who gave a thumbs-up for confirmation. "Yes, Gunner gave you a briefing. It's safe. Take your time with this question, really think it over."

"I know who it is but… Very well. His name is James… James Belarion." She gently spoke, then shook her head quickly. "I think! I just… I think? We're not together or anything but… He's super sweet, gentle and generous." She softly whispered. "He's not even creeped out when I drink blood packets in front of him."

"Very good," Zena chimed happily, jotting his name down on her paper before she moved on. "Next question. 6, Have you kissed anyone yet?"

"Besides my parents? Oh goodness no. I… I'm saving it for an extraordinary moment."

"Okay okay, I understand that. It's rather romantic. How cute." Zena hummed before she bluntly moved on. "7, Do you have a childhood sweetheart?"

"I don't. I never really was interested in romance. My sister Pen and I were more interested in drawing and playing around with our friends. Romance wasn't really that interesting, not then at least."

"Okay… Well, this question might be a bit… er… Let me just read this." Zena cleared her throat and sat up straight, reading off of her notes. "8, Who is your favorite author? I know that might be an odd question for you... LaRae we need better questions," Zena whispered to LaRae, though the microphone picked up every word.

"Just because I'm blind doesn't mean I can't read books." Mill said dully. "Honestly… Ever heard of braille? Audiobooks? Those work just fine. But with that said I don't read for enjoyment, only textbooks. If I must pick my favorite piece it'll have to be a short story in my textbook from University, which was written by Natsu Webster, the head of the Spirit school."

"Oh okay, thank you, Mill," the interviewer nervously smiled and tried to compose herself. Mill turned her head away, 'looking' around the room. "Um, what are you doing sugar pop?"

"Listening. There is a lot of buzzing in here."

"Well yes, there are wires and… cameras and stuff. After all, this is an interview and we are live. Now then, focus." Zena encouraged as LaRae motioned to the live feed screen in hand. "9, What is your biggest fear?"

"My biggest fear? Um…" Mill grimaced, starting to drum her fingers on her lap again. "I would have to think it's… Well, I would hate to fail my classes, those are very important."

"Yes they are, but what do you fear?"

"I fear… Losing Pen, my sister… I fear losing my friends."

"To what?"

"I don't know...I'm just afraid they'll leave me."

"If that's all you got I'll accept that answer." Zena rolled her eyes and brushed her orange dyed hair out of her face. "This next one is more review than anything. 10, You got any siblings?"

"Just my older sister Pen, not blood related though. I was adopted into her family when I was a little girl."

"Oh, this next question is fun. 11, Who is your enemy?"

"My enemy? Oh, I hope I have no enemies, I rather be peaceful and friendly… Oh…" Mill's expression dropped and she made a tight fist with both hands, nervously leaning forward. Zena made a quick motion and the camera zoomed in on Mill's angered face. "There is… someone, or a group. I don't know who, or what they are. I don't know where they're hiding, but they dared tried to kill my sister." Mill almost hissed, malicious intent almost dripping with each word. "Those monsters who tried to assassinate my sister, right beside me as we walked home, those are my fucking enemies! I swear if I ever get to them…"

"Well hot damn," Zena laughed and had the camera zoom back out to its regular position. "Intense. Mill I didn't think I'll get that from you. Hey, let's relax. The rest of these will be a lot nicer." Zena drew out slowly, leaning back in her chair as she crossed one leg over the other. "This next one is nice, here we go. 12, who is your best friend?" She redirected the other to a much kinder topic. Mill shifted in her seat, adjusting so she was more comfortable, but she certainly seemed on edge now.

"I can't pick a best friend, I certainly have a few… But, if I must pick one… Besides my sister, my answer would be Lee Forman."

"I had a feeling you'll say that. 13, what would you do if you met your creator?"

"If I met my creator? I simply have to ask what she's thinking." Mill crossed her arms over her chest. "Really, I just gotta ask her that. Yeah, yeah, abuse me as an infant, toss me in a trash can, then decided to do a 180 and have me be adopted by the best family ever? Trust me I'm grateful and all for that but I just want to know what's going on in her head."

"A lot. I will go ahead and guess a lot." Zena quipped. "Ok we're almost done sweety, good thing too your lunch break is almost over. 14, what do you want to be when you're grown up?"

"I believe I'll work in the portal network. I don't have any worthy skills in many things, and portals seem to be the only thing I excel at so… Might as well go where fate leads."

"Oh sweety, you're great at a many of things." Zena gently cooed like an overprotective mother, then noticed the camera again and quickly cleared her voice. "Oh uh, whatever. 15, what is your worst nightmare?"

"I do not dream anymore, it's been since my freshman year since I've had a dream. I begged my sister to make it so, so I don't dream. To explain to… your 'viewers' my sister is a marvelous Thought student at Uni. She simply used some of her powers to get rid of my ability to dream. I found it… troublesome."

"Because of your nightmares?"

"A nightmare. My sister's scream I hear in my sleep… I don't want to hear them again. I don't want to talk about it either."

"Okay, I'll let this question slide," Zena said. "16, what is your lifelong dream? Everyone has one and I bet yours is amazing."

"I wish it was. My dream is… Is to live on a nice, open land with miles and miles of open space where I can fly all night and feel the rush of wind. I want a small house surrounded by fresh air and sweet smelling flowers. I want to hear the rain tap against the windows and feel the gentle rumble of the thunder. My dream is to live happily, with my friends and to know all is well." Mill relaxed with a mellow smile on her lips, her head tilted upwards as she lost herself in thought. "Peace and happiness are what I long for."

"A noble dream that is, Mill. I'm touched. This next question is linked with the one before. 17, what would you do if your dream came true?"

"What would I do? As I said I would fly and live happily. I would visit my friends every week, we'll eat together and tell jokes. We'll explore and get into trouble like always."

"Cute. Now let's see… Ah yes. 18, where is your favorite place to relax?"

"To relax? I got two places. On my home world, there is this nice little cafe where you can vape. It's nice and small, the seats are really comfortable and I always enjoy how quiet the place is and how nice it smells. I go there every once in a while to clear my mind. As for at school, outside of the gates is a small town with tons of shops, bars and the like. There's a bar called the CrossRoads, I enjoy going there for the kind people. They got a little fireplace and often burn oak logs, the wood smells nice and the sounds are quite comfortingly. Plus the drinks are good." She mentioned offhandedly.

"That does sound very relaxing." Zena nodded. "Ok just a bit more. 19, what do you do most of the time? We want to know more about you, Mill."

"What I do? Besides going to classes and study…" Mill softly giggled. "I hang out with my friends of course. Fjora hosts a sparing club for the school every week. We're always looking for people to stop by and try it out. In our homeworld sparing is seen as a good way to stay fit and keep the mind active, problem-solving and the like. Plus it… Well, I heard it helps with hand-eye coordination. For me, it's hand-ear coordination." She joked playfully. "Fjora spent her whole second year at Uni getting a petition going to get the club to be made in the first place. Now that it's up and running we spend a lot of time working on that. My first spare was with James actually…"

"Well, that's just wonderful. Thank you so much for coming in Mill, not like you had a choice though. Now if you would just read this-" Zena's voice falls flat as she moved to hand Mill a paper to read, clearly realizing just how dumb it was. "Oh… I guess you can't do 20, tag some people. Sorry er… I'll just have our next guest do that." Zena laughed. "Ok then, thank you Mill for dropping by. Gunner! Wipe her memory and send her home!" Zena called out simply.

"Wait, what?" Mill quickly stood up and took a defensive pose, clearly ready to fight. Zena shook her head and just smiled.

"Oh sweety, it's fine. Awe, I can tell you're trying to use your magic. Sorry, hun, magic is nullified in this room, besides glamour. Shoo." Zena made the motion and Gunner entered the camera frame as he grabbed Mill by her upper arms, firmly escorting her out as the camera focused in on only Zena with LaRae's prompting. "Well wasn't that exciting! Mill Higgins, an interesting girl, rather introverted though. I truly wish those drawings of mine did her justice, she is such a beauty, even if she doesn't realize it. She just has such a charm to her, doesn't she?" She asked the camera. "Our next guest isn't as mellowed out and calm as Mill. Come back next episode, and until then have a lovely day!" She said charmingly, then the camera turned off.