"Hello hello, welcome back to 'Get to know the OC'! I'm so excited to be here. Now this episode we're doing some very different, the character we will be interviewing isn't one of mine! No, in fact, The Spectacular SpiderDom has asked me to interview one of his OCs! Now this is a really exciting day and I just can't wait to get started," Zena grinned ear to ear. She was sitting comfortably in her favorite armchair. "I don't want to drag this out, so let's get moving right away."

Zena giggled giddily as Gunner walked into view of the camera, escorting their special guest. The man was interesting from the top of his head all the way down to his shoes!

The guest wore a royal blue motorcycle helmet with black headlights. Instead of eyes, the viewers could see black goggles wore with the helmet, and on the goggles red virtual eyes. The only skin visible was his mouth. Even his hand had black gloves. The man wore a suit that matched the blue of his helmet, and over the suit were two black straps forming an X over his chest. The bottom of the X attached to the black belt with a silver belt buckle. On his belt, he had two holsters for his twin Sai. His pants were black leather to match his gloves with blue knee pads that matched the upper part of his outfit. His big boots were a glossy black, shining in the bright light of the studio with their blue laces adding a nice final touch.

"Welcome to our humble little show. I'm just so excited to get started, please have a seat," Zena gently instructed. Gunner huffed, adjusting his blaster as the superhero took his seat. Their guest didn't seem to mind Gunner standing there, more amused by the whole situation more than anything. "Okay, before I get too ahead of myself, LaRae, the rules please." LaRae calmly pressed the button, prompting the all too familiar text to roll up the screen.

If you wanna do this yourself, here are the rules:

1. Choose one of your OCs.

2. The answers must be written in your Oc's point of view.

3. Your OC cannot lie

4. Journal's title should be OC Interview

5. Tag as many people as you want.

6. Have fun!

"As always I'm bending and breaking some of the rules because that is what I do. We're breaking rule two because I never do the first point of view. The OCs will just have to explain themselves. I'm also stretching rule 4, because it claims this must be a journal when this isn't being broadcasted as a journal, but instead a story," she recited off easily this time. "Gunner, than you so much for bringing him up here, I'm sure everything will be fine. He's a superhero!" She excitedly exclaimed. Gunner nodded and trudged off camera, taking his normal spot by LaRae to keep close in case anything did happen.

Q and A: The Sensational Night Shadow

"You forgot to say your own name," LaRae tried to whisper from behind the camera.

"Oh, right. Forgive me, viewers, I'm just so excited today. My name is KrymynalKrimzon, though I tend to just go by Zena Krimzon. I'm your 'amazing' host tonight. Operating the camera is the lovely LaRae, who will most likely stab me if I mess up again. Beside her is our amazing head of security, Gunner, who will drag her away from my cold, bleeding body! They're my amazing friends and this is our show… Happy now LaRae? Let's get started!" Zena grinned widely, completely ignoring LaRae's harsh glare.

"Okay before I get started a few notes for our viewers. This amazing man here is actually from Seattle Washington in 2035. You can imagine it was a bit of a struggle to get him here tonight, but I have my ways. So, Night Shadow let's start right away. 1, What is your real name and nickname?"

"Now, technically… I'm not supposed to reveal my identity at all, especially on TV," Night Shadow replied, scratching his head. "But since you're gonna erase my memory of this interview, I might as well tell you that my real name is Mason Michel Moonstone and that my alter ego is Night Shadow."

Zena nodded, quickly writing his name down. "Moonstone, gotcha. I'm glad you remember the briefing beforehand. Many of the guests seem to not pay mind to it and freak out a bit during the questioning, so thank you for being so mindful! Okay, here we go… 2, What is your current age?"

"As of now, I'm 23 years old, which would make this my ninth year as a superhero. In a couple of months, I'll be 24 and that will mark my tenth anniversary as Night Shadow… time sure flies by when you're kicking butt, huh, Zera?... that is your name, right? I tend to forget things a little easily."

"It's Zena actually, but you're close I guess. It's not like you will remember me anyway so don't worry about it. 3, What is your favorite food and 4, What is your favorite drink?"

"Shoot. That's a tough one. As a former resident of Paris now living in Seattle, I've been exposed to a lot of foods in my time. Some were good, some were bad, and some were a bit of both… but if I had to say what my all-time favorite food is…" Night Shadow thought long and hard about this. He tapped his helmet and twiddled his thumbs. "A freshly cooked Beef Wellington and my favorite drink would have to be Blue Tea."

"Sounds like a good choice. Tea isn't really… Well, it isn't really my cup of tea at all, and I've never actually tried a Beef Wellington, but suppose that'll have to change soon enough. We're going to move onto the more entertaining questions now that we know you a bit better," Zena eagerly explained, leaning back in her comfortable armchair. "5, Who is your love?"

"Oooo… this one's an easy one," Night Shadow smiled heavily. He leaned on his hand and felt his heart pump. "My love is Sydney Conner and she is amazing! We've been together through most of our lives and she's the best thing that's ever happened to me! She works as a stand-up comedian down at the 'Little Timmy Fell Down the Well Bar' and she helps me fight the bad guys once in a while. Like Batman, she doesn't have any powers, nor does she have a costume yet, but she rocks! I can't ask for anyone better."

"How adorable! Not many people are willing to risk their lives, even for love. You should get her a costume, you two would be adorable together. Now, you have to answer this because if this girl is risking your life for ya, you better have kissed her at least once. So, here it is. 6, Have you kissed anyone yet?"

"This one kinda goes with my last answer," Night Shadow replied with his arms folded. "But if you wanna know if I kissed anyone before I started dating Sydney, then no."

"Hmmn, so have HAVE kissed her… Good! 7, Do you have a childhood sweetheart? It can be anyone, a TV celebrity crush, some girl you saw once while driving down the street with your parents, anyone before this amazing Sydney."

"Before I met Sydney," Night Shadow stroked his chin. "I did have a crush on the Pink Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers… or was it Batgirl from the 60's Batman show?... No, wait… I'm pretty sure I had a crush on April from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… wait, was it her?"

The superhero rubbed his head in confusion. "…next question, please."

"Oh it's fine, pretty much no one remembers their first crushes. 8, Who is your favorite author?"

"Hmm… that's a tricky one. There're are a lot of authors that I really like. Let's see. I love Frank Miller because he wrote one of my favorite comic books, 'The Dark Knight Returns.' I love Chris Claremont because he wrote 'Giant Size X-Men: Issue #1.' I love JK Rowling's Harry Potter, James Dashner's Maze Runner, the Star Wars books, everything!... but I suppose if you want me to pick my personal favorite, I'd say it's JK Rowling."

"You, my good man, are making me very happy. I enjoy that series greatly and it's actually what inspired me to start writing!" Zena grinned widely, her fingers drumming on her clipboard. "Now let's have some fun. 9, What is your biggest fear?"

LaRae moved the camera closer, focusing further on Night Shadow to capture his whole reaction and response to the viewers could get a nice inside look at the hero's emotional side.

"Oh, boy," Night Shadow sighed, leaning on his legs. "We're getting down to the nitty gritty, are we?"

"All right, all right, all right, I'll answer… my biggest fear is… is… is…" Night Shadow didn't know how to respond to this one at first. He watched as the camera zoomed in towards his face. He flicked a little bug that was on the camera and proceeded to crack his fingers. He took a deep breath and spoke. "My biggest fear would be losing Sydney… she means the whole world to me. Now, I doubt my enemies would do something morbid as to kill her considering they're all idiots, but I fear that there will be a day where they will take her away from me…" Night Shadow whipped out his Sai and swung them around before placing them back in his holster. "And I'm not gonna let that happen… sorry if I went all dark for a second, that's normally not in my nature."

"Oh it's fine, people always hate that question which is why I try to lighten it up right away, so let's keep moving. 10, Any siblings?"

"Well, I consider my demon, Dunnere to be like a brother to me," the superhero replied, as a blue, ghost-like salamander with a black beard appeared on his shoulder. This was Dunnere: the creature responsible for giving Night Shadow his powers. Turning the camera, Dunnere waved before he cowered back beside his master's shoulder; he wasn't a huge fan of cameras. "He's the one who made me the man I am today."

LaRae suppressed her laughter at the adorable creature as she pulled the camera back, capturing the whole scene again.

"He's simply adorable. Maybe he and Larae can take a picture after the show," Zena grinned as she looked over at her friend for just a quick moment before she turned back to Night Shadow. "Let's keep on moving, we can discuss those details later. 11, Who is your enemy?"

"My arch-nemesis is a goofball named Technolocity," Night Shadow replied. To which, Dunnere nodded. "He's basically a giant Iron Man knockoff with a childish nature. Now, I say we're enemies, but he thinks of me as a frenemy. Why, you may ask? Well… that's because I'm friends with him on Facebook."

"You… You're friends with him… on Facebook. The same Facebook where old grannies get together to talk about baking recipes and how their grandkids are doing?"

"Hey, it was his idea, not mine," Night Shadow replied to Zera. "Besides, he doesn't do anything bad on social media. All he does is post pictures of penguins, Daffy Duck cartoons, and people watching clouds."

"... I have so many questions, but at the same time I fear the answers so let's move on with our pre-scheduled questions. 12, Who is your best friend?"

"Mi amigo is named Jerry Vanderhoff," the black/blue superhero smiled and snapped his fingers. "He's been there for me since the fourth grade and he was there when I got my powers. Since then, he's helped me with a lot of cases and even took down a band of mooks with me when we lived in Paris. Him and I are currently going to do a lot in my next two short stories, "Night Shadow Issue #3: The Jacked-Up Headless Reunion' and 'Night Shadow Issue #4: Supernatural Olympics.' "

"Subtle plug," Zena chuckled. "Super Subtle. Now focus, we're moving on. This next question is very interesting and might require a moment to think it over. Your answer really matters. 13, What would you do if you met your creator?"

"What would I do if I met my creator?" Night Shadow inquired, scratching his head. He glanced at Dunnere, who shrugged his shoulders. "I would probably ask him what went through his mind when he thought of the Night Shadow/Looney Tunes crossover. Granted, that one is still in production, but I wanna know how that idea came to be. It's quite fascinating."

"That does sound very unique. Maybe one day you'll get a chance to ask your creator, but today is not that day, my friend. 14, What do you want to be when you grow up?"

Dunnere playfully punched his master's arm when he heard that.

Night Shadow chuckled and grinned. "I wanna be a professional sculptor. I currently work with an android named Nelson Pines and we create sculptures for people at good pay. Someday, I wanna be an artist and draw my own creations. I hope to be like my favorite artist, Leonardo Da Vinci."

"Those are home huge goals, and I truly hope you make it. Everyone has the right to go for their dreams. Speaking of dreams… 15, What is your worst nightmare?" Zena clumsily tried to make a 'smooth' connection to the next question. She gave a wide, pained smile as she slowly died on the inside.

Night Shadow and Dunnere gulped.

"My worst nightmare," the former said, adjusting his collar as she shifted in the chair uncomfortably. "Was me going up against Batman. Holy shoot! That dude mopped the floor with me! It was awful! What made it worst was that the Ninja Turtles show up later and they throw pizza at me!"

"... A jokester, right. I forgot about that," Zena muttered disappointedly as she plopped back in her seat, pouting as she scribbled some notes down. "Very well. If that is your worst 'nightmare', we'll move on. 16, What is your lifelong dream? Maybe your dream is much more… realistic, if I might say," she carefully spoke as she wiggled her pen in his direction.

"To make sure all of my enemies give up their criminal ways, so I can ask Sydney for marriage and spend the rest of my life with her," Night Shadow nodded. "I see us living on a nice farm in Montana, growing crops, binge watching Stranger Things on Huflix. Where I come from, Huflix is a merger between Netflix and Hulu, and I see us having a family. Maybe two or three kids… it's a nice dream that may take a long time to come true."

"... Huflix… Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue but it's nice they joined together, making subscriptions so much easier. I hate the fact in the time period I'm in there are so many different ones and they refuse to share shows! Such a bother. But now I'm curious… 17, What would you do if your dream came true? Sure everyone dreams and want something, but what would you ACTUALLY do if you achieved this dream?"

"I would do what Tom Cruise did in Risky Business. Take my pants off and dance around in my underwear."

"That sounds horrifying. I think your little buddy Dunnere there would agree with me, no one wants to see that, and this show is supposed to be PG so let's never see that here… I don't want to bleach the couches to remove your butt print. So, if the farm life is your dream I assume this next question will be pretty obvious. 18, Where is your favorite place to relax?"

"A place to relax would either be my apartment or my friend, Pyro Lad's house. He has a 62-inch television and a sweet 80's radio. He also makes some mean lasagna. If you get the chance to do a crossover with me in my world, you gotta have his lasagna. Without making a pun, it's fire."

"...Huh, not the answer I expected. I was thinking of a park or something similar, but that also sounds nice. Maybe I should come and visit, might be pretty fun," she hummed happily. "Now I know managing time might be hard as a superhero, so let's chat about that. 19, What do you do most of the time?"

"I work in my workshop with Nelson during the daytime and at night, I patrol the streets as Night Shadow, stopping crime whenever it occurs. Though, sometimes I would watch my cousin's band practice their songs and hang out with the other superheroes in my universe."

"Sounds like a busy life. I have a feeling you don't do everything you truly want to do between all that work. It's always sad when heroes don't get to do what they truly want to when they allow normal people like me and my friends to live our lives," she said solemnly.

Zena adjusted herself in her seat comfortably after a moment and quickly tried to move on. "Let's finish it up. Your creator gave you a list here to pick from," she explained as she held out a piece of paper for him to read. "This is the last 'question', even if it really isn't a question. 20, Tag some people."

"Tag some people?" Night Shadow replied. "TheLastPaladin and zm. Both of them have really been supportive of myself and my friends."

"Friends are truly the backbone of many people. Hell, without my friends I don't know where I would be… Now it was amazing to have you here, but sadly you must follow Gunner backstage and go through the exit process. We'll drop you back right where you picked you up. Lovely meeting you, good sir," Zena made a motion with her hand and Gunner stepped out, holding his weapon tightly. The hero stood up and followed Gunner backstage without a fuss.

"What an exciting meeting, certainly one of a kind. This was a great experience and I look forward to the future. Maybe we'll see him or his friends one day, but this episode if over. Until next this, this has been Zena Krimzon, goodbye!"

OC owned by The Spectacular SpiderDom- /u/1124675/