"Amazing Fantasy"

I can't bare to see,

just what is happening on the streets,

I'm not ready for that responsibility,

I rather spend my time trying to find my family,

I wish that I could turn away,

To walk on another street,

But I can't because I would feel guilty

That is my reality,

my amazing fantasy

Swinging up above, between the towers makes everything else seem small,now that I am the man who runs up walls.

The powers that defines me, the red and blue suit that refines me, and the regret that will always drive me.

Forever onward, I'll always be the boy that couldn't save that man that raised me,no matter how much I achieve, deep down I will always be that teen.

How can I possibly sleep soundly when I know everything bad that will ever happen to me?

How can I be the man that everyone needs when I can't seem to be there for the ones close to me?Why can't I return to being the guy who had no worries?

All before that spider cursed me, for the rest of eternity,

I will try to earn redemption for one moment in time that set it all in motion, that is my amazing fantasy. Not as great as you were led to believe,

The mask that I wear, hiding me from the ones who would judge me, the way that I speak, I know that no ones finds it funny, not even me.

It's the true mask that hides the scared boy that is underneath, try as I might, I will never be redeemed. I'm nothing more than a fool chasing a distant dream,

that is all I will ever be,

A boy in the big city,

The enemies that I make,

they to reveal my mistakes,

my once friends now foes,

But how can I complain when this the path that I have chose?

A once good man now a monster lurking in the dark,

The guy who has joined together with the darkest parts of me,

A close friend who now hates me in and out of my identity,

That is my amazing fantasy.