"Good evening, Kaos City. I'm Joe O'Hare welcoming you all to Kaos City Morning News." The news reporter stood beside the massive skeleton that was once Christopher Cogswell. He stared directly at the camera, hoping he looked good on the air with his nice suit and tie.

"Last night's Purge Night was among the worst of the past decade. More murder, more suffering, and even a giant monster attack, straight out of a Japanese monster movie. The body count throughout the night reached a record breaking 2 million," Hey, I the narrator already said that, O'Hare. Way to be redundant.

"A sorrowful tale that will stain the legacy of the beautiful city of Kaos. The mayor will be holding a city council meeting to determine the next course of action. But enough about them, as supposed true leader of Kaos, Big D, has been declared dead by his closest allies. A new seat in Kaos' power is now open, and we predict it's going to be pretty nasty." Out in the distance, the cameraman could see a dark figure walking towards Joe. "But don't worry citizens of Kaos, it's safe to walk outside again. Joe O'Hare, Channel-"

Joe was violently shoved aside on camera by a mysterious man in a pitch black cloak. Joe looked at the man, who also wore a black fedora hat, black pants, and black, fancy shoes. The man's hands were in his pockets, but he didn't say anything. He just kept on walking.

"Hey you jerk!" Joe yelled, "You just shoved me aside like some kind of asshole!" he looked at the sweating cameraman, "Make sure to bleep that when given the chance." Despite his cries, the man refused to respond, still trudging forward. He even casually stepped over a few of the dead bodies lying across the street.

The man's name was Deacon, though his superiors called him "Deke" for short.

Deacon had a mission. A goal in his mind. An address he magically knew as if it had been tattooed in the darkest corner of his mind. He looked around the destroyed rubble, the collapsed buildings, and how they all contrasted with the bright, sunny morning sky. The city had not seen better days since he left.

After an hour of casual walking, strutting, and shoving onlookers aside, he had finally arrived at his set destination. Looking at the large building, he fished out a torn piece of paper. Pulling it out, he stared at it with sheer intensity, the words "456" written on it in pen. He walked through the doors, ignoring the fine detail and receptionist, as if she had never even existed. He walked over to the elevator and pressed the 'up' button. Once inside, he pressed the appropriate button.

Now on the fourth floor, he walked down the hallway, looking for the right door. The hall feeling as quiet and empty as if nobody lived there.

Finding the room, he noticed that the door to '456' was slightly ajar. He lightly pushed it to find the pale figure's corpse on a filthy mattress, his brains covering it. He took note of the gun below his open palm, lying flat on the carpet floor. Deacon strolled over to the corpse and admired it, before lifting the thing up over his shoulders. To most men, the body would have felt a bit heavy, but not to Deacon, who carried him as if he were an empty cardboard box.

Calmly walking out with the corpse of one of the great assassins in town, the figure stopped in place once he got outside. He pulled out a cellphone from his dark trench coat and dialed the numbers 6-5-3-1-9-2-0. He placed the phone up against his ear, listening to the ringing noise.

"Boss. I got him. The Moonface Killer… Yeah, dead…" Deacon waited a few seconds to respond. "Don't worry. We'll make him better. We have the power, don't we? Okay, see you there." He hung up and placed the phone back in his large coat pocket.

"Simple and clean." Deacon said with a crooked, sharp-tooth smile that crawled across his face. He began walking away from the apartment. The apartment building suddenly blew up in a massive, fiery explosion. Bodies shot out of the windows, some not moving, others twitching and attempting to scream. Deacon walked away from the destruction he caused, whistling a happy tune as the burning corpses grew farther and farther away.

A/N: And that about wraps up my first ever novel. Wow. I never thought I would get a novel out in the span of a few months. I had planned it to be a novella, but the scope kept increasing the more ideas I came up with. Yeah, the story's not perfect, but for a first novel, I don't think it's that bad. I wanted to create a B-movie in the form of a novel, and I think I kind of pulled it off. I saw Pinot Noir as an experiment, to see if I can beat my procrastination and write a novel without any serious planning that has constantly stalled me from writing.

But time for special thanks. I want to give hearty thanks to Lightysnake and Scraggle/Thelordofclowns for encouraging me to write my first novel, for providing me with constructive criticism, and for being all around nice guys who read through my weird-ass book. I also want to thank Tyk, whose stories provided me some inspiration for me. And most importantly, I want to thank you, the readers. As cheesy as that sounds, you read my first novel, and I can't thank you enough for taking the time to do so.

As for the what else I have in store, well I plan on starting the story process for Blood After Midnight Redux. Yes, I am finally getting started on that book after a year of planning. After that, I plan on starting up a new series of mine, which shall be kept a secret. Oh, and as for Pinot? I have a prequel story focusing on the lesser characters and a sequel planned. They're still in the planning stages, as I want to take a break from the world of Kaos and focus on other projects.

Stay sharp, stay tuned, and thanks for reading.