Evil. Corruption. What do these words truly mean? I'll tell you. These words are merely subjective. No one is purely good, and no one is purely evil. There must be balance between the two. I know this because I have gazed at true darkness. It is the most frightening thing I hope no one ever encounters again. In fact, I even gave in to it. I corrupted myself. However, I'm not the only one who contributed to it. Everyone closest to me either betrayed me or lied to me and they corrupted the one thing that was supposed to be incorruptible. Hope.

My name is Jason Smith and I have definitely had my share of life changing moments. However, there are names I curse more than anything in this world. And those names will be known throughout this story. These are the people I thought were my friends. My family. I would have died for them. But they did something far worse beyond any and all redemption. These are the people who manipulated me and took away any chance I had at living my own life. In a sense, they took away my future. It was all decided to begin with.

In all honesty though, I should thank them. They made me see the world for what it really was. An illusion. Nothing but smoke and mirrors. There are bigger powers no one could comprehend unless you saw it for yourself. And it was because of this that I was able to see the light and do something about this pathetic world we live in and call home.

I thought I was in control of my future. My fate. My destiny. Whatever you wanna call it. There are even times I wish I was never even born in the first place. That would have been better than anything I ever had to experience. I always thought free will was a possibility for anyone. Now I see it's nothing more than a sham. A pretty little phrase that helps you continue living even though your future was decided from the get go.

So, in light of all this, we shall start where this torture began and who it began with. This was the first of many names I curse. My sorry excuse of a mother. Sarah Smith. Or perhaps you would know her better from her other name. Pandora.