Chapter 3

I swear, as Mr. Wilson said those words, he was looking straight at me with the most serious look on his face.

"Pandora's Box is quite an intriguing story really. It really points the line between good and evil. For those of you who don't know it, here is the story. Long ago, there were two gods. Prometheus and Epimetheus. They were Titans, the worst enemy of the gods. However, they pledged their loyalty to Zeus, and in return for that loyalty, Zeus not only treated them as if they were his sons, but he also gave them each a job. Epimetheus was to create animals. Prometheus was to create humans. They did this, and Epimetheus bestowed great gifts to the animals. Prometheus was going to give humans gifts of their own, but Epimetheus gave them all away to the animals. So, Prometheus asked Zeus if he could give humanity fire. Zeus refused, but Prometheus took fire anyway and gave it to humans. When Zeus learned of this, he was furious. As punishment, he banished Prometheus and tied him to a rock, where an eagle would eat his liver every day. And the liver would regrow every day for the hawk to eat again putting Prometheus in even more pain and misery."

Then, before Mr. Wilson could finish his story, a random student yelled out, "What does this boring story have to do with a box!?"

Mr. Wilson, obviously looking annoyed replied, "If you'd let me finish, I was getting to that." He inhaled deeply and continued the story.

"After Zeus banished Prometheus, Epimetheus was distraught. Meanwhile, Zeus was still scheming. Prometheus' punishment was not enough for him. He decided he needed to punish humans for accepting fire in the first place. So, he created a girl named Pandora whose beauty rivaled only Aphrodite herself. Pandora was given gifts from all the gods to be extremely beautiful and cunning at the same time. Zeus told Epimetheus he would soothe his pain with a bride. Epimetheus took a look at Pandora, and he was in love at first sight. Pandora, aware of what she was about to do, accepted the proposal. As a wedding gift, Zeus gave Pandora a box. During the wedding, Pandora opened the box and let loose all the darkness of the world. Starvation, Famine, Temptation, you name it. Anything that could kill humanity had been unleashed."

Before Mr. Wilson finished, he started looking in my direction again. Then, something weird happened. I started seeing things. I saw a man handing a box to a woman. And I saw an open box and humanity suffering. Wait, this was what Mr. Wilson was talking about. I questioned why I was seeing these things, but Mr. Wilson continued on like nothing was happening.

"However, there was still one thing left from the box. Hope. And from then on, humanity clung to Hope as it was the only thing that brought them meaning. And that is the legend of Pandora's Box."

The bell rang, and I finally stopped seeing the visions. Before I went out the door, Mr. Wilson said something to me. "Mr. Smith, I want you to come to my classroom after school. I'll notify your mother beforehand of course."

At first, the only thing going through my head was, "Oh great, what did I do?", but soon, I would realize it was much bigger than anything I would be able to comprehend at the time. I nodded, still a little shaky from whatever I saw, and I went about my day like usual.

After getting past the nightmare that was Trigonometry, I headed over to Mr. Wilson's classroom. He was sitting at his wooden desk. You'd think a teacher would have family photos or something on his desk, right? But the only things Mr. Wilson had on his desk were what looked like photos of Greek ruins and scriptures. I was beginning to wonder if he was an archaeologist before he became a teacher. That would sure explain a lot. Anyway, he was looking at me with the same serious look on his face as he had during class.

"So, what did you need me for?"

"We need to talk, Mr. Smith."

He had the most serious tone I'd never heard him use before. Or anyone for that matter. Confused, I asked, "What about?"

He clenched his fist, and said, "War is about to break out."

I just stared at him for a while. This dude was crazy. I began to think he had an overdose on his stories. Then, I actually looked at the serious face he was giving. He actually believed this. "Mr. Wilson. What the actual hell are you talking about?"

"I don't expect you to believe me, Jason. Whatever I tell you, you'll just deny and call me crazy. Which is why I want you to hold this."

He then pulled out of one of his coat pockets what looked like some sort of badge. It was blue and said in big, light blue bold text: BDC. "Um, what is this?"

"Hold it and you will see."

So, I did what he said and all of a sudden, everything went white. Then, I saw something that horrified me. I was seeing the exact same things as in my dream, and in my class. Some dude in white robes was giving a girl a box. But, that girl was my mom. I had no idea what was going on. Then, I saw the same war zone from my dream.

Then, after the visions were done, I saw Mr. Wilson looking at me with the same serious expression. "Wh-what was that?"

Then, a familiar voice came out of nowhere and said, "You just witnessed the past and the future."

It was Ryan. He was wearing the same thing as yesterday. He would normally do that for about three or four days, then change into something equally as generic. "What?"

That was all I could say, after all. Then, I heard another familiar voice, and I was absolutely shocked. It was Julie. She was wearing a black hoodie. Which was weird because she doesn't normally wear anything that ominous looking. She also had on some typical blue jeans and was had on some bright green shoes from a brand I didn't really know. As I looked at her, my stomach turned inside out. As was usually the case whenever I saw Julie.

"If we don't do something, the future you just witnessed will come to pass. Then, we'll all be doomed."

I had no idea what was going on. All I could do was stand there dumbfounded. I swear these people were going mental. "Seriously. What are you talking about?"

Then, in a deeper and more tense voice, Mr. Wilson said, "You know those stories I'm always fascinated with? All the Greek myths? Well, there's something about them you don't know. "

I raised an eyebrow, and in confusion, I said, "What's that?"

Mr. Wilson looked me dead in the eye with the scariest expression I've ever seen on anybody before and said, "They're all real. And one of the most dangerous legends of all is not finished being written. Pandora's Box."

As I looked back at everyone, I saw their faces. They all actually believed this. "Ok, I don't know what you three are on, but I'm gonna go. Because whatever this is, I don't wanna be a part of it."

As I started walking out the door, Ryan said something that surprised me. "A golden box with strange markings. That's what you saw, isn't it?"

I stopped, looked back, and said, "How did you know that?"

Then, Julie stepped in and said in a gentle, yet surprisingly serious voice, "Because me and Ryan saw it too. We were in denial as well, but we soon began to see it was real. Tell me, Jason. Did you see a tall, evil looking man with blood red eyes? People tearing each other apart under a bright orange sky?"

All I could do was stand there in shock. They all saw what I saw? If that's true, then…what did that mean? Were they really telling the truth?

"Ok, fine. I'll humor you. What is it you wanna talk about?"

Mr. Wilson spoke in the tense voice he's been using since this whole mess got started. "We are part of an organization known as the BDC."

I raised an eyebrow and said, "Ok what does that stand for exactly?"

Mr. Wilson got annoyed and said, "What is it with people interrupting my stories when I'm about to answer their question?"

Ryan pat him on the shoulder. "Don't worry Shaun. Everyone tends to do that. Especially Jason. Just so many questions that he can't wait to ask"

I actually got a little offended until I saw Julie snicker under her hand. I don't know what it was about her, but every time she laughed or smiled, I felt nauseous. In a good way of course. If that makes sense.

Mr. Wilson continued with his story after a deep sigh. "The BDC stands for Box Detection Committee. When Pandora hid the box eons ago, many dark powers started searching for it. In order to stop the darkness from finding the box first, the BDC was formed. They searched for the box for centuries. However, it took much longer than expected, so we always had to establish a new leader every time a previous one died by giving them the badge that you just held in your hand. Each time a leader died, he/she left behind clues in the archives, so another leader could find the box. And right now, the leader of the BDC is me. And I feel we are extremely close to finding the box. However, we have an enemy. Tell me Jason, do you know who Braddock Michaels is?"

Everything about Mr. Wilson right now was making me extremely nervous. His piercing gaze, his stone cold, yet serious and booming voice. It was difficult not to cling onto every word he said.

"Sure. He's that hotshot businessman who's been all over the news lately. His company owns everything from economic to politics to the police force. But what does he have to do with anything?"

"I want you to picture his face. The face you see on news, media, anything."

"Um, I don't know what this will prove but ok."

I closed my eyes, and in my mind, I pictured a man maybe in his mid to late thirties. He had short, brown hair and a black suit. He also had bright red eyes and a smug looking smile. It was then I saw something. This man looked strangely familiar. It was then I pieced it all together. This guy is the same guy that was in my dream! I immediately opened my eyes and stumbled back a little.

Ryan said, "You see now? This is the guy we're after. Because those visons you saw when you touched that badge? They will come true if we don't do something."

I looked at everything around me looking for some sense of sanity emanating from the room. But there wasn't any. "Why me? I never had any interest in these stories as you can attest to, Mr. Wilson."

Mr. Wilson replied, "Yes, but when I first saw you, I sensed something in you. You see, in what we're about to prepare you for, you tend to develop gifts. Gifts that can help you see a person's potential for good. And you have the biggest potential of all. You could be this world's savior."

I couldn't believe any of this. This was crazy. They were crazy. All I could do was run out of the room as everyone else started calling my name. These people were completely insane.